Fashion Revolution Week is back

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Fashion Revolution Week is back

A week dedicated to ethical work for sustainable fashion

This year too, the initiatives promoted by the activists of the Fashion Revolution will occupy squares and shops throughout Italy and the world. In recent years we have seen a growing consumer interest in an ethical and fair fashion, attentive to the health of the planet and above all of its workers. In fact, this movement is concerned on the one hand with avoiding exploitation linked to the manufacture of clothes and on the other hand with promoting a fashion capable of responding to the needs related to the climate crisis that we are experiencing. living. In short, a real Revolution in the world of fashion. Let's see in more detail what it is.

- What is Fashion Revolution Week

- When does Fashion Revolution Week take place and why

- The theme of Fashion Revolution Week 2022

- Events scheduled in Italy

- 5 practical tips for making informed purchases

What is Fashion Revolution Week

Fashion Revolution Week is a campaign on ethical fashion that takes place every year thanks to the work of a team of activists (mostly women) based in England.

This body coordinates and manages the groups that will then operate all over the world through fundraising initiatives, online and live events aimed at promoting conscious buying, communication campaigns on social media, education in schools, partnerships with companies innovative and above all governance operations for workers' rights.

When does Fashion Revolution Week take place and why

Fashion Revolution Week takes place every year in the week that includes April 24, the anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh.

This year is set for the days ranging from 18 to 24 April 2022.

The Rana Plaza is remembered for being the fourth industrial disaster in history.

On April 24, 2013, the building collapsed, causing 1,134 victims (most of them young women who brought their youngest children with them to work) and more than 2,500 workers injured.

The search and rescue operations lasted a month. The worst thing is that it was a disaster foretold.

In fact, in the previous days the building had been evacuated due to obvious cracks. It seems that the four upper floors had been built illegally and that the weight and vibrations of the textile machinery had worsened the situation.

The bank and the shops that were inside the building were closed but the textile companies forced their employees to return to work the next day with the threat of withholding a month's pay.

The crash occurred that same day at 8.45am.

The theme of Fashion Revolution Week 2022

This year's theme is linked to Money Fashion Power or the economic power that revolves around fashion.

The profit linked to the world of fashion is concentrated in the hands of a few and leaves the workers of the textile factories in terrible conditions, unable to satisfy even the basic needs. Suffice it to say that in the riots that followed the Rana Plaza disaster, workers demanded a minimum wage of only $ 100 a month.

To combat human exploitation, the Fashion Revolution calls for the introduction of new laws that require companies to correctly assess the minimum wage .

Parallel to this discourse, it envisages a revision of the production system that avoids extractive business models that are not sustainable in the long run. In other words, it promotes entrepreneurs and stylists who have an eye on the impact that production on the environment could have.

In this regard, some time ago we interviewed the founders of some Italian companies who were talking about slow fashion , the trend that contrasts the consumerism of today's fast fashion . Find the article here.

A few examples of virtuous fashion:

1. Eco-sustainable fabrics : natural fabrics, derived from recycled materials or composed of innovative textile fibers. Synthetic fabrics, on the other hand, should be avoided because during washing they release microplastics into the water.

2. Avoid excessive consumerism : today there are brands that produce up to 50 collections a year and the inventories are often thrown into landfills duendo heaps of waste not to mention the fact that to produce 1 kg of fabric it is estimated that about 200 liters of water are needed

3. Promote the reuse of clothes : let's think of the world of used or vintage , of those who customize garments or even those who promote strategies such as the capsule wardrobe to renew your wardrobe from season to season without necessarily having to buy many items.

Events scheduled for FRW in Italy

On the official website of the Fashion Revolution there is a section dedicated to this year's events:

- Courses and seminars to be held online (by the way several interventions from past years are available on their channel YouTube)

- Official events to be held from alive

Particularly in Italy we would like to point out:

Fashion, Money, Power

19th and 23rd April 2022

Bologna - Bottega Altromercato

Documentary screening and performance of Moda Etica

RISE_UP Fashion Revolution Week

19th and 21st April 2022

Genoa - The Altromercato Solidarity Shop

Documentary screening and show themed up-cycling and sustainable fashion

Ethical Fashion Show

April 23, 2022

Rome - Pangea Fair Trade

Ethical Fashion Show from the On Earth Cooperative Collection

Workshop and dialogue on sustainable fashion and its value

April 23, 2022

Borgo Petriolo (FI) - Organic Atelier

Learn how to make a buttonhole and hem by hand with Debora and Daniela

Fash Rev Lab

May 5, 2022

Milan - D-house

Workshops and seminars on the progress of the Fashion Revolution

5 practical tips for making informed purchases

Before concluding, we want to leave you with some simple advice to apply the principles of the Fashion Revolution when you shop:

1. Get informed. Be a curious buyer, attentive to market news and more aware of the origin and quality of the garments you wear;

2. Repair and reuse what you already have. if possible give your clothes a second life by repairing them, changing them in the cut or combining them with different garments and accessories;

3. Organize SWAP PARTY. invite your friends over to share with you and swap the clothes you no longer wear;

4. Buy used and resell / donate what you no longer use;

5. Always ask yourself if you really need that particular dress and try to create complete looks with the other pieces you have in your closet when you buy something new.

I hope this article has made you think about what we can do in our own small way to change things.

Let us know in the comments if you know other initiatives in your city and what measures you will take for your next purchases.

This article was written by SIMONA DE GUGLIELMO.

Content creator passionate about personal growth, organization and zero waste.