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Lace-up shoes woman blue and tweed-REA
Lace-up shoes black and tweed
Lace-up shoes woman beige-REA
Blue ballerinas CALIPSO
Green ballerinas CALIPSO
Black pointed toe ballerinas MAIA
Red pointed toe ballerina-MAIA
Beige pointed toe ballerinas MAIA
Taupe loafer woman-VESTA
Yellow ballerinas CALIPSO
Rust loafer woman-VESTA
Lace-up Shoes - Teresa
Sneakers - Amelia
Espadrillas - Cecilia
Slipper - Alicia
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Phoenix Black/White
  • New
Phoenix Blue/White
  • New
Phoenix Blue/Blue
  • New
Phoenix White/Blue
Black sandal CALLIOPE
Blue sandal CALLIOPE
Bluette Sandal CALLIOPE
Red Sandal CaLLIOPE
Rust Sandal CALLIOPE
Dark blue sandal CLIO
Black thong sandal THALIA
Dove gray thong sandal THALIA
Bluette sandal CLIO
Red sandal CLIO
Rust sandal CLIO
Decolleté beige-CLELIA
Classic Shoes - Lisa
Slipper Shoes - Donata
Sneakers - Marzia