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Cleaning Accessories

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Ecological spray for detergent and cleaning...
Set of 4 biodegradable absorbent sponge cloths
Loofah sponge for 100% vegetable dishes
Poolito Starter Kit | 3 aluminum bottles +...
Aluminum bottle | Includes one dose of SGLOSSY
Aluminum bottle | Includes one dose of MOOLTY
Aluminum bottle | Includes one dose of SGREASY
Aluminum bottle | Includes a dose of DOUCHY
Stiff Brush | Coconut Fiber
Pot Brush | FSC Wood
Vegetable Brush | Wooden Handle
Bottle Brush | Coconut Fiber
Laundry Brush | Wooden Handle
Reusable glass dispenser | Amber or transparent
Vegetable cellulose sponge cloths | 3 pieces
Floor Cleaning Compact Kit | 2 refills, 1 bottle
Glass Cleaning Compact Kit and Multipurpose | 2...
Bathroom cleaning compact kit | 2 refills and 1...
Degreaser Compact Kit | 2 Refills and 750 ml...
starter kit cover starter kit home
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Home Cleaning Starter Kit | The FOUR5
Compostable bottle brush | Wood
Wood cloth pegs | Plastic-free
Super absorbent cellulose kitchen cloth
800 ml glass jar with measuring cup
Loofah sponge for plates and dishes
WASH + DUST| Eco-detergent in multipurpose cloths
Biodegradable sponges set made by hand
Mediterranean Natural Sea Sponge
Compostable dish brush | Wood