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    €16.00 - €189.00


Ceramic mug for kids and adults |Fish|
PAZ | Saucer from coffee grounds
Ceramic mug for kids and adults |Bear|
Ceramic bowl | Naso Red Nose
Ceramic bowl | Naso | Gradient effect
Yellow ceramic jug | Flua | 50cl
Ceramic jug | Flua | 1lt
Set of 4 cups | Copus | Solid effect
Set of 4 cups |Copus| Gradient effect
Color gradient ceramic mug | Ujalta
Ceramic mug | Ujalta - Girl Sleeping
Ceramic bowl | Naso | Solid effect
Isolator cup
4x Swirl Cup
Single swirl cup
Distort cup
Poligon thermo cup
Terrain plate
City Plate - Amsterdam
3x Poligon Espresso Cup
3x Poligon Cup
City Plate - Rotterdam
Poligon Black Cup
Poligon Black Espresso Cup
Poligon Black Bowl
Poligon bowl
Poligon Fruit-Salad Bowl
Poligon Sake Set
Poligon espresso cup
Splash Tray
Splash cup
Poligon coffee cup
Splash Espresso Cup
Splash bowl