Body & Beauty

Certified menstrual cup
Organic moisturizing face cream
Bamboo blusher brush
Hygiene Zero Waste
Hemp solid cleanser
Oil and wax burner
Mediterranean shower gel
Naiadi essential box
Organic soap for hands and face
Face and Body Spray
Organic Lip Butter
Vegan compact powder
Bamboo Box M
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Solid conditioner | Fruit
Organic cleansing milk
Vegan Lip polish
Organic body cream
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Powder toothpaste|Autumn
Natural deodorant
Melba Panty
Organic anti-aging face cream
Cat's tongue brush
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Powder Toothpaste | Winter
Lavender Small Kit
Organic Marseille soap Essentiabio
Hemp solid conditioner
Peppermint body oil
Nourishing and soothing cream
Sweet Orange
Clay and tea tree oil mask
Lavender shampoo shower
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Facial Medit. Sea Sponge
Alcanna red lip balm
Vegan shine-up powder
Vegan Lip gloss
Bamboo XL box palette
Anti-odor potassium alum stone
Organic facial tonic
Organic Hand hygiene gel
Conditioner solid bar
Melba + Panty
Verbena showerbath
Organic mint soap
Vegan domed brush
Lavanda lovers
Olio corpo Tea tree
Face Cream for Dry and Sensitive Skin
Green clay
Antiodorant potassium alum
Vegan compact blush
Lip kit - Scurb & Balm
Bamboo box duo
Cocoon Lipstick
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Toothpaste powder | Summer
Orange body oil
Shaving foam cream
Organic almond soap
Oblique bamboo brush
Organic shampoo for daily washing
Face cream for mixed and impure skin
Organic conditioner dry hair
Kaia Deo roll-on blood orange refillable
White clay
Comb in beech
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UNYQA Menstrual Cup
Make-up remover pad
Lip Balm Kit
Mineral cooked earths
Bamboo toothbrush
Intense black eyeliner marker
Winter survival kit
Lip inks
Vegan matte lipsticks
  • New
Toothpaste | Spring
Lip balm stick
Lavender body oil
Melba and Melba+
Hemp solid shampoo
Applicator brush 4 refill
Body scrub
Anti-Aging face cream
Coconout milk soap
Nail and Cuticle Treatment Oil
Deo roller Trut tabacco refillable
Cinnamon leaf
Shaving Kit
Facial mask
Makeup remover pads
Travel kit
Vegan brush eyeliner