SET plastic free | Shampoo, conditioner, body soap
Organic conditioner dry hair
Organic shampoo for daily washing
Set of 3 solid cosmetics products | Hair and body
Moisturizing Dry Oil for Body and Hair
Organic shampoo for stressed hair
Bergamot shampoo bar for greasy hair
Organic anti-frizz conditioner
Delicate chamomile shampoo
Oat and prickly pear shampoo bar | Fortifying...
Beech Comb
Erbs shampoo
Hair Serum Sandalwood & Rosemary
Solid restructuring shampoo with pomegranate
Solid soap holder | Plastic-free
Hairpeeling N. 33
Sandalwood rosemary shampoo
Soothing solid shampoo with chamomile
Revitalizing Shampoo with Thyme
Zero glacier scrunchie
Sandalwood rosemary conditioner
Purifying solid shampoo with vegetable charcoal
Beige Satin Scrunchie
Pack x2 solid shampoo with pomegranate
Tencel Off-White Scrunchie
Solid conditioner | Fruit
Jojoba oil
Set of charcoal solid shampoo + detangling...
Brown Tencel Scrunchie
Sweet almond oil
Pack x2 soothing solid shampoo with chamomile
Off-White Canva Scrunchie
Argan oil
Pack x2 Solid shampoo with vegetable charcoal
Handmade biodegradable scrunchie
Solid Detangling Conditioner
White clay
Fabric hair elastic | Paperina
Volumizing solid conditioner
Aleppo soap
Fabric hair elastic | Cielo
box shampoo shower, conditioner Shampoo shower, conditioner
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Hair Box Naiadi | Shampoo shower, conditioner
Fabric hair elastic | Mia
Solid Shampoo Greasy Hair
Solid detangling conditioner | Hemp phytokeratins
Fabric hair elastic | Hope
Cinnamon and pomegranate shower shampoo
Solid hair conditioner | THE BianCocomero
Fabric hair elastic | Sbirulo
Solid soap Dry hair
Fabric hair elastic | Blu
Conditioner for all hair types | Shea and Mallow
Fabric hair elastic | Campanula
Fabric hair elastic | Arancia
Fabric hair elastic | Oiseau
Fabric hair elastic | Panna
Fabric hair elastic | Claire de Lune
Fabric hair elastic | Palmata
Thor Solid Shampoo with nettle for greasy hair
Fabric hair elastic | Regina
Solid Shampoo Volcano for greasy hair
Fabric hair elastic | Tuli
Nectar of Paradise Shampoo | Volume effect
Fabric hair elastic | Azalea
Lakshmi Shampoo | Nourishing and strenghtening...
Fabric hair elastic | Gyngko
Vegan Peppermint solid shampoo bar
Fabric hair elastic | Acero
Vegan solid shampoo with calendula
Fabric hair elastic | Valentine
cover solid shampoo doppia saponetta
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2x solid shampoo with calendula and peppermint
Fabric hair elastic | Vie en Rose
Solid vegan shampoo for oily hair
Fabric hair elastic | Panco
Solid vegan shampoo for normal hair
Fabric hair elastic | C01
Solid vegan shampoo for dry hair
Fabric hair elastic | 50 Blu
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Solid Soap Moon Flower
Fabric hair elastic |Snake
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Solid Soap Silk Flower | Regenerating
Fabric hair elastic | Deserto
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Solid Soap Lava Flower
Fabric hair elastic | Rubi
Artisanal solid shampoo with rope
Nourishing Solid Shampoo Balm | Calendula,...
ATLAS | Solid shampoo for oily hair
ZEFIR | Solid shampoo for dry and curly hair
NEPTUNE | Solid shampoo sage and mandarin