Body Cream | Moisturizing & Soothing
Calm Bath Tea 150g | Chamomile & Calendula
SET plastic free | Shampoo, conditioner, body soap
Natural luffa sponge for body
Shower Gel with Olive and Citrus Extracts
Peppermint body oil
Body Scrub | Coffee & Lemongrass
Red wine solid body soap | Revitalizing
Mild Lavender Shampoo Shower
Anti-odor potassium alum stone
Olio corpo Tea tree
Body Scrub | Coffee & Peppermint
Set of 3 solid cosmetics products | Hair and body
Spugna luffa naturale esfoliante quadrata
Verbena showerbath
Antiodorant potassium alum
Herbal bath salt available in 6 fragrances
Orange body oil
body scrub cocoa cover body scrub cocoa1
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Body Scrub | Coffee & Cocoa
Body Exfoliating Disc
Plastic-free Tea Bath bomb
Tortellino Artisanal Solid Soap
Kaia Deo roll-on blood orange refillable
Ylang Ylang body oil
Face + Body Disk Set
Calm Bath Tea 350g | Chamomile & Calendula
Cupcake | Solid Shower Balm
Tea Tree Body Oil Refill
Deo roller Trut tabacco refillable
Organic body cream
Organic Loofah Bath Sponge
Magic Night Bath Tea 150g | Pink Clay
Tortellino Artisanal solid Scrub
Deodorant Kaia refill pack
Nourishing and soothing cream
Lavender body oil
Loofah Body Exfoliating Glove
Magic Night Bath Tea 350g | Pink Clay
Artisanal solid soap with rope
Orange Bergamot Body oil/Refill
Deodorant Trut refill pack
Green clay
Exfoliating Back Wash Strip
Grounded Fizzer Bomb | Cedarwood
CIPS solid bubble bath
Ylang Ylang Body Oil Refill
Cream deodorant | Sweet
White clay
Organic Cotton Wash Bag
Midnight Fizzer Bomb | Charcoal & Kaolin Clay
PURO H with hypericum and neem extract
Lavender Body Oil Refill
Solid deodorant plastic-free| Sweet
Body scrub available in 5 fragrances
Tube Roller Key
Peaceful Fizzer Bomb | Lavender & Spirulina
Cream deodorant | Wild
Organic mint soap
Jojoba oil
Body balm available in 5 fragrances
Rise Fizzer Bomb | Orange & Red Clay
Eucalyptus Body Oil Refill
Solid deodorant plastic-free|Wild
Firming Body Scrub
Organic Marseille soap Essentiabio
Cream deodorant | Fresh
Organic almond soap
Argan oil
Solid deodorant | Fresh
Sweet almond oil
Cream deodorant | Pure
Mist available in five fragrances
Solid soap hand and body scrub
Rose hip oil
Ambrosia Body Butter Strawberry
Bath oil available in 5 fragrances
Aurora Body Butter Mint
Perfume Roller available in 5 fragrances
Preity body and face peeling Peach
Massage Oil available in 5 fragrances
Soothing soap with shea butter
Forest Folk Gift Box
Kyra Sun Butter Cocos SPF20
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Solid Soap Moon Flower
Shea butter soap | Happiness
She is a Wildflower Gift Box
Solid deodorant plastic-free| Silver Touch
Men balm Trut sandalwood
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Solid Soap Silk Flower | Regenerating
Shea butter soap | Intuition