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Flaska Feathers 0,5 L | Glass bottle and...
Flaska Animal Kingdom | Glass bottle and...
Flaska Moonlight | Glass bottle and neoprene cover
Flaska GRIP red | Glass bottle and silicone cover
Flaska GRIP sunshine | Glass bottle and...
Flaska GRIP Blue | Glass bottle and silicone cover
Susso Large reusable food bag
Susso Medium reusable food bag
Susso Small reusable food bag
Natural linen thread | Plastic-free and...
Green linen thread | Plastic-free and compostable
Red linen thread | Plastic-free and compostable
3x multi-use organic cotton bags | Trio kit
3x organic cotton multi-use bags | Large kit
3x multi-use organic cotton bags | Medium Kit
3x organic cotton multi-use bags | Small kit
Set of 2 organic cotton tea towels
Loofah sponge for 100% vegetable dishes
Bokashi Organko Composter Set 16 L
Bokashi Organko Essential Composter Set 15,3 L
Composter Bokashi Organko Essential 15.3 L +...
Composter Bokashi Organko 1 + Biogen Blend 1kg
Composter 9,6 L Bokashi Organko 2 + Biogen...
Organko Daily 3.3 liter compost bin
Vodan Jug 1 liter carafe | 100% Crystal
The ANGELICA 0.3 l teapot with infuser
TANTA Coasters set | Sustainable
COFFII Palma | Pot/Coffee Capsule Holder with...
COFFII Coffea | Pot/Coffee Capsule Holder with...
COFFII | Pot/Coffee Capsule Holder | One size...
100% Recycled Paper Kitchen Towel | 2 rolls
Soap Holder with Strips White Sand | Wood
Ultra resistant cellulose sponge plastic free
Waste resin coasters | "Under the Sea"
Zero plastic kitchen degreaser | SGREASY
Compostable bottle brush | Wood
Wood cloth pegs | Plastic-free
Super absorbent cellulose kitchen cloth
800 ml glass jar with measuring cup
Solid dish soap | Plastic-free
Cutlery holder with handmade napkin in...
Handmade certified cotton snack holder
Handmade cutlery holder, straw or toothbrush
Handmade organic cotton snack holder
Loofah Kitchen Sponge
Ceramic mug for kids and adults |Fish|
Ceramic mug for kids and adults |Bear|
Stackable cork container | Kafo
Cork base | Varmo
Metal Nutcracker | Nukso
Loofah sponge for plates and dishes
SALOMÉ | Bring sugar from coffee grounds
PAZ | Saucer from coffee grounds
Rectangular table service with napkins
Bread bag
Sponge dishcloth
American set
Kitchen apron
Glove + pot holder set
Maxi table service with napkins
Round table service with napkins
Large rectangular tablecloth
Rectangular tablecloth
Set of 3 sponge cloths
Compostable dish brush | Wood
Poligon bowl
Poligon espresso cup
Poligon coffee cup
Splash Bowl | Porcelain
Splash Espresso Cup | Porcelain
Splash Cup | Porcelain
Splash Tray | Porcelain
Poligon Sake Set | Porcelain
Poligon Fruit-Salad Bowl | Porcelain
Poligon Black Bowl | Porcelain
Poligon Black Espresso Cup | Porcelain
Poligon Black Cup | Porcelain
City Plate - Rotterdam | Porcelain
3 x Poligon Cup | Porcelain
3x Poligon Espresso Cup | Porcelain
City Plate - Amsterdam | Porcelain
White Terrain Plate | Porcelain
Poligon Thermo Cup | Porcelain
Distort Cup | Glazed Porcelain
Single Swirl Cup | Porcelain
4 x Swirl Cup | Porcelain
Isolator cup | Porcelain