Glove + pot holder set
Maxi table service with napkins
Set of 3 sponge cloths
Isolator cup
Beeswax Food Wraps | SUSSO SMALL KIT
Kitchen apron
4x Swirl Cup
Beeswax Food Wraps |SUSSO MEDIUM KIT
Round table service with napkins
Single swirl cup
Beeswax Food Wraps | SUSSO LARGE KIT
Large rectangular tablecloth
Distort cup
Beeswax Food Wraps | SUSSO EXTRA LARGE KIT
Rectangular tablecloth
Beeswax Food Wraps | SUSSO TRIO KIT
Urban - Save the jungle
American set
Travel Granito
Poligon thermo cup
Bread bag
Terrain plate
Travel Mirage
City Plate - Amsterdam
Christmas Coaster Set - Fantasia1
Rectangular table service with napkins
Urban - Save the plant
3x Poligon Espresso Cup
Christmas Coaster Set - Pattern2
Kids - An apple a day
3x Poligon Cup
Cutlery pouch
Waxed cloths for food S x3
Sponge dishcloth
City Plate - Rotterdam
Waxed cloths for food M x3
Poligon Black Cup
Blue washable wipes for kitchen x5
Waxed cloths for food L x3
Poligon Black Espresso Cup
Yellow washable wipes for kitchen
Waxed cloths for food S | M | L
Poligon Black Bowl
Off white washable wipes for kitchen
Poligon bowl
Rust-coloured washable kitchen towels
Poligon Fruit-Salad Bowl
Two white and pink kitchen towels
Durable cotton set of three Bowls Cover
Poligon Sake Set
Two white and yellow kitchen towels.
Poligon espresso cup
Two white and green kitchen towels
Splash Tray
100% hemp reusable kitchen towel
Splash cup
Poligon coffee cup
Splash Espresso Cup
Splash bowl
PAZ | Saucer from coffee grounds
SALOMÉ | Bring sugar from coffee grounds
Detergent gel dishwasher
Solid dish soap | Plastic-free
Compostable dish brush | Wood + Sisal
Rectangular pillow cover
Organic detergent for dishes
Loofah sponge for plates and dishes