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Eko ALT ecological mosquito repellent | 250ml
Tentacles | Macrame plant holder in cotton
Tight Net | Macrame plant holder in cotton
Large Net | Macrame plant holder in cotton
Refined | Macrame plant holder in cotton
Spiral | Macrame plant holder in cotton
Weaving | Macrame plant holder in cotton
Reusable glass dispenser
ARVUS + MOLE KIT | Protection of the garden and...
GRILLOTALPA + MOLE KIT | Natural remedies x2
INSECTA + FUNGUS KIT | Against plant diseases...
Ants + Blattoidea KIT | 2 Natural remedies
BLATTOIDEA | Natural remedy against cockroaches...
GRILLOTALPA | Natural remedy to deter mole cricket
MOLE | Natural remedy to destabilize moles
ARVUS | Natural remedy against voles and rodents
ZERO ZANZA AMBIENT | Natural anti mosquito
TINT 0 FLEAS O | Natural remedy against fleas...
FREE HORSE | Natural remedy against ticks,...
SPIDER | Natural remedy against spiders and...
MUSCA | Natural deterrent for flies
CONFUSION ANTS | Effective in deterring ants
BUG ON THE RUN | Prevents the arrival of all...
REMEDY AA | Natural remedy for wilted plants
FUNGUS | Natural remedy for plant fungi and molds
INSECTA | Natural remedy for indoor or outdoor...
Handmade macrame plant hanger Monna
Macrame plant hanger Lonna - UNIVERSAL collection
Macrame plant hanger Anna - UNIVERSAL collection
ethical plant hanger eco friendly plant hanger
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Macrame plant hanger Enna - UNIVERSAL collection
Eko ALT natural parasites for plants, gardens...
Bench Chamfer | Different colors available
Gueridon Table |Chamfer| Different colors...
Table Chamfer | Different colors available
Stool Chamfer | Different colors available
Calcium Carbonate 1KG
Sodium Silicate 1kg
Antiodorant potassium alum
E - byebye mosquito