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Rock multipurpose table handmade in Italy
Alada - Floating folding desk
Floor KA Lamp M with Vegan Leather Tray
Floor KA Lamp M
Floor KA Lamp XL with Vegan Leather Tray
Alba L Slim - Oval
Alba L Slim - Semi Circle
3 shelves natural cork | Snuro
3 shelves black cork | Snuro
Natural cork suspended shelf | Snuro
Black cork suspended shelf | Snuro
Pelican Shelf Small
Pelican Shelf Medium
Pelican Shelf Large
Floor Ka Lamp XL
Batea L | Low table with storage compartment
Batea M | Wooden design coffee table with opening
Batea S | Handmade table + tray
ALBA M - Semi Circle
ALBA M - Circle Wall
ALBA M - Oval
ALBA M - Herringbone Wall
ALBA L - Semi Circle
ALBA L - Round
ALBA L - Oval
ALBA L - Herringbone
Ceramic hookah
Parallel Shelving | Wood
Shelf Vase | Pine Wood
Stack Shelf - Basic | Oak Wood
Stack Shelf Winerack | Oak Wood
Modular Shelf - Drawers | Oak Wood
Branch - Out | Wood
Parallel Wall Mount | Wood
Branch Out - Deluxe | Wood
Branch Out - Table | Wood
Tableworks | Beech Wood
Hybrid Chair | Oak Wood
Hybrid Chair - Amp Footstool | Oak Wood
Hybrid Footstool | Oak Wood
2 x Hybrid Chair | Oak Wood
Slide Table | Beech Wood
Gradient Shelving | Wood
Wave Bookshelf | Solid Pine Wood
Wooden Cupboard | Beech Wood