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Coccoina | Plastic-free glue | 125 g
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  • Sale -20%
Multifunctional natural rosehip oleolite 75ml
natural oil
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  • Sale -20%
Natural oil of dandelion and plantain 75ml
Natural ointment with multifunctional oleolites
Mallow and Calendula Extract - Hygros
Rice Starch | Oryza
Tea Tree Essential Oil
Lemon Essential Oil
Lavender Essential Oil
Eucalyptus Essential Oil
Bergamot Essential Oil
Sweet Orange Essential oil
Reusable glass dispenser | Amber or transparent
Aromatic Water (Hydrolat) of Lavender Angustifolia
Essential Oil Lavender Angustifolia
800 ml glass jar with measuring cup
Starter kit | Natural softening citric acid
Natural whitening sodium percarbonate
lavender oil
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Lavender oil for face and body
chamomile oil cover
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Chamomile oil for face and body
Face and body scrub with essential oils
hypericum oil
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  • Sale -35%
Hypericum oil for face and body
Natural whitening sodium percarbonate
Natural softening citric acid
Vegetable glycerin 1 L
Propylene Glycol 500ML
Sodium Bicarbonate
Calcium Carbonate 1KG
Sodium Silicate 1kg
Sodium Hydroxide 1kg
Potassium hydroxide 1KG
Sodium Carbonate 600gr
Sodium Percarbonate 1 KG
Citric Acid
White cosmetic clay | 500 g
Green cosmetic clay | 400 g
Citric acid for washing machines and...
Sodium percarbonate | 1 kg