Face sponge and gloves

Japanese Detox Brush Body Brushing
    Natural Archipelago Washed Sponge 2 / 3gr Face
      Natural Archipelago Washed Sponge L - 10 / 12gr Body
        Natural Bleached Archipelago Sponge XS - 5 / 6gr Body / Face
          Natural Bleached Archipelago Sponge L - 10 / 12gr Body
            Natural Fine Dama Washed Sponge S - 4 / 5gr Face
              Natural Fine Dama Bleached Sponge M - 5 / 6gr Face
                Essential Beauty Tris Face Sensitive skin
                  Essential Face Starter Kit
                    Body Band in 100% Sisal Fiber/Wood Intense exfoliation
                      Sponge in 100% Sisal Fiber Intense exfoliation
                        Loofah Brush Medium Exfoliation Removable Head
                          Raw Ramiè Knob Soft Exfoliation
                            Facial Mediterranean Sea Sponge Facial Mediterranean Sea Sponge 2
                              smoothing shower glove
                                cotton glove cotton glove 2
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