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Shaving soap with activated charcoal
Nourishing heritage beard oil
Nourishing forest beard oil
Nourishing altitude beard oil
Shaving soap with green clay
Soap for men with olive oil and genepì
Soap for men with oil and hemp seed
Shaving soap with white clay
Jojoba and sage solid soap for men
Aftershave and moisturising oil
Butterfly Razor
Wood Old School Razor
100% natural solid beard conditioner | The Matcha
100% natural solid beard shampoo | The Matcha
Beard Solid Balm for Men | Pre-Shave and Styling
Solid Soap Man Beard | Pre-Shave
Solid Cleanser for Men | Face and Beard
Universal blades for Safety Razor
Handcrafted beech wood soap holder
Heritage balm to nourish the beard
Forest balm to nourish the beard
Altitude balm to nourish the beard
Coal-flavoured soap for men
Shaving foam cream | 100 ml
Potassium alum antiodorant stone | 180 g
Potassium alum antiodorant spray | 125 ml
Calendula and argan face cream | 100 ml