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    €10.00 - €885.00


Geometric ring Spicchi
Elastic band bracelet
Crewneck Intrecci
Earrings Spicchi
Elastic band bracelet Spicchi
Earrings double circle
Black silk ties Crewneck
Light blue silk ties Crewneck
Earrings Frammenti
Crewneck silk ties Bordeaux
Necklace little dolls
Ring Frammenti
Crewneck Spicchi
Earrings Frammenti duo
Handmade Elephant bracelet
Elephant ring
Necklace Frammenti
Earrings Frammenti trio
Handmade Octopus bracelet
Octopus handmade ring
Rope Crewneck Tee time
Handmade Fork bracelet
Fish handmade ring
Knots Crewneck Tee time
Handmade spoon bracelet
Handmade Fork Ring
Cleo Crewneck Tee time
Handmade fish-shaped bracelet
Handmade spoon ring
Elephants earrings
Necklace with elephant
Handmade fork curly bracelet
Handmade bracelet made from an ice cream spoon
Handmade snake-shaped ring
Handmade octopus earrings
Necklace with octopus
Elephant bracelet with spring
Handmade rose-shaped ring
Fish-shaped Earrings
Necklace with fish
Octopus-shaped bracelet with spring
Handmade jellyfish-shaped ring
Little hearts earrings
Necklace with snail
Fork bracelet with spring
Handmade ring wrench
Earrings ASTRO
Necklace with ladybug
Spoon bracelet with spring
Handmade ring spike
Nature earrings
Handmade necklace with butterfly pendant
Fish-shaped bracelet with spring
Juno ring
Juno Leaf Earrings
Handmade necklace with cat pendant
Necklace with heart
Heart-shaped bracelet with spring
Unity Amethyst and Onyx Ring
Unity Amethyst Earrings
Unity Carnelian Earrings
Heart crewneck
Octopus-shaped bracelet with spring
Unity Carnelian ring
Unity Onyx Earrings
Crewneck two forks
Wrench bracelet
Unity Carnelian and Topaz ring
Unity White Topaz Earrings
Two hearts crewneck
Unity Onyx Ring
Bracelet ASCENSIONE s.
River Onyx Earrings
Handmade adjustable crewneck
Unity Sapphire and White Topaz Ring
Bracelet ASCENSIONE m.
River Blue Zircon Earrings
Handmade adjustable crewneck
Juno Leaf ring
Bracelet IMPULSO
Freedom Earrings
Unity Amethyst Bangle XS
River ring
FENICE choker
Juno Eyes Earrings
Bangle Unity Carnelian XS
Freedom Ring
FENICE red choker
Arkoun Earrings
Bangle Unity Onice XS
Nature ring
SUPERNOVA crewneck