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Recycled sterling silver necklace | Wave
Gold-plated recycled silver necklace with red...
Fish-shaped wooden pendant | Iosiamo
Handmade pendant with handmade cotton lace
Single piece fish pendant in heather wood
Handmade wooden fish pendant | Unique piece
Necklace with wooden pendant | Single piece
Pendant with blue cotton lace | Single piece
Handmade heather wood pendant | Unique
Handmade wooden pendant | Single piece
Unique handmade wooden pendant
Fish-shaped pendant in heather wood
Handmade wooden pendant | Blue lanyard
Handmade pendant in the shape of a wooden fish
Wooden pendant with black cotton lace
Handmade wooden pendant in the shape of a fish
Wooden pendant with cotton lace | Fish
Wooden pendant with light blue cotton lace
Wooden pendant with blue cotton order | Fish
Wood pendant with cotton lace | Fish
Wood pendant with cotton lace | Fish
Handmade wooden pendant | Fish
Handmade Square Pendant | Tuscany
Handmade Large Oval Pendant | Tuscany
Handmade round pendant | Tuscany series
Small oval pendant 2 | Tuscany series
Handmade Small Oval Pendant | Tuscany
Small rhombus pendant Tuscany series
Small rectangular pendant | Toscana series
Small round pendant Tuscany series
Square pendant Tuscany series | Handmade
Hand made oval pendant from the Toscana series
Rectangular pendant from the Toscana series
Small oval pendant Tuscany series Handmade
Handmade Tuscany series rhombus pendant
Zen series medium rhombus pendant
Medium round pendant Zen series handmade
Zen series large oval pendant handmade
Large rectangular pendant zen series
Zen series medium oval pendant handmade
Zen series large oval pendant
Dark drop pendant | Single piece
Wooden tongue pendant | Single piece
Light heart pendant | Single piece
Heart pendant with black lace
Clear drop pendant | Single piece
Large wooden heart pendant
Small drop pendant in wood
Oval wooden pendant | Single piece
Full wooden heart pendant
Flat heart pendant in wood
Handmade wooden heart pendant
Large rhombus pendant | Unique piece
Freedom Necklace
SUPERNOVA crewneck
Light blue silk ties Crewneck
Necklace with fish
Wave necklace
River Blue Zircon Necklace
River Onyx Necklace
Juno Eyes necklace
Nature necklace
Chocker DREAM r/v
SOGNO crewneck r/n
DREAM crewneck b/n
FENICE red choker
FENICE choker
Cleo Crewneck Tee time
Knots Crewneck Tee time
Rope Crewneck Tee time
Necklace Frammenti
Crewneck Spicchi
Necklace little dolls
Crewneck silk ties Bordeaux
Black silk ties Crewneck
Crewneck Intrecci
Handmade adjustable crewneck
Handmade adjustable crewneck
Crewneck two forks
Heart crewneck
Necklace with heart
Handmade necklace with butterfly pendant
Necklace with ladybug
Necklace with snail
Necklace with octopus
Two hearts crewneck
Handmade necklace with cat pendant
Necklace with elephant