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    €10.00 - €885.00


Geometric ring Spicchi
Ring Frammenti
Elephant ring
Octopus handmade ring
Fish handmade ring
Handmade Fork Ring
Handmade spoon ring
Handmade snake-shaped ring
Handmade rose-shaped ring
Handmade jellyfish-shaped ring
Handmade ring wrench
Handmade ring spike
Juno ring
Unity Amethyst and Onyx Ring
Unity Carnelian ring
Unity Carnelian and Topaz ring
Unity Onyx Ring
Unity Sapphire and White Topaz Ring
Juno Leaf ring
River ring
Freedom Ring
Nature ring
Juno Eyes ring
Serpentine Raft Ring
River Eyes ring
Amethyst "Iris" ring
Peridot "Iris" ring
Iolite "Iris" ring
Blue topaz "Iris" ring
"Iris" citrine quartz ring
"Knot" ring
White Gold "Nodo" Ring
Yellow Gold "Nodo" ring
Red gold "Nodo" ring
"Nodo" ring in white gold and diamond
"Aisha" and diamond ring
"Norah" and diamond ring