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Solid Soaps

SET plastic free | Shampoo, conditioner, body soap
Red wine solid body soap | Revitalizing
Set of 3 solid cosmetics products | Hair and body
Tortellino Artisanal Solid Soap
Cupcake | Solid Shower Balm
Tortellino Artisanal solid Scrub
Artisanal solid soap with rope
CIPS solid bubble bath
PURO H with hypericum and neem extract
Organic mint soap
Organic Marseille soap Essentiabio
Organic almond soap
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Solid Soap Moon Flower
  • On sale!
  • Sale -€6.30
Solid Soap Silk Flower | Regenerating
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  • Sale -50%
Solid Soap Lava Flower
Vegetable soap
Aleppo soap
Handmade Aloe Soap
Handmade Lavender Soap
Handmade Orange Soap
Handmade Clay Soap
Handmade Helichrysum and Lemon soap
Handmade Rosehip Soap
Solid hemp facial solid hemp cleanser
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Solid hemp facial and body cleanser
Cinnamon and pomegranate shower shampoo
body box naiadi box solid soaps
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Body Box Naiadi | Soap and cleanser
Artisanal solid soap | Oily skin
Energising shea butter soap
Vegan Moisturizing Soap | Forest Peace
Vegan citrus soap | Summer sunset
Delicate vegan soap | Patchouli Lover
Handmade ceramic soap dish
Vegan fragrance-free soap | Naked
Artisanal solid soap | Green coffee
Artisanal solid soap | Oats and lavender
Artisanal Solid soap | Amaranth and pomegranate
Plastic-free Marseille soap without palm oil
Artsianal solid soap | Argan and rose
Artisanal solid soap | Red wine
Jojoba and sage solid soap for men
Soap for men with oil and hemp seed
Soap for men with olive oil and genepì
Artisanal solid soap | Dry skin
Coal-flavoured soap for men
Solid soap holder | Plastic-free
Solid soap Blueberry and mallow
Solid soap for reusable pads
Vegan Peppermint solid shampoo bar
Vegan solid shampoo with calendula
cover solid shampoo doppia saponetta
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2x solid shampoo with calendula and peppermint
box shampoo shower, conditioner Shampoo shower, conditioner
  • Sale -€4.20
Hair Box Naiadi | Shampoo shower, conditioner
Delicate and soothing Soap | Calendula Ylang-Ylang
Rinsing solid body balm | T.TINE
Vegan bath bomb with ticket | Ball 8
Comforter Soap Bar | Chamomile & Oats
Dirty Hippie Soap Bar | Hemp Oil
Dreamcatcher Soap Bar | Jasmine & Lilacs
Lullaby Soap Bar | Lavender
Moon Child Soap Bar | Violet & Citrus
Oatmeal Soap Bar | Almond Milk & Oats
Soft Rose Soap Bar | Pink Clay
Uplift Soap Bar | Citrus
Wildberry Soap Bar | Forest Fruit
Wildflower Soap Bar | Blue Poppy
Woodland Soap Bar | Cedarwood & Sea Buckthorn
Chocolate Charcoal Chai Soap Bar
Cinnamon & Ginger Chai Soap Bar
Fennel & Cardamom Chai Soap Bar
ELIXIR | Vegan handmade surgras soap
GRENADA | Handmade vegan urucum soap
NOSTALGIA | Solid soap 100g handmade
AMARATERRA | Solid and vegan handmade soap
CLAIR DE LUNE | Vegan handmade soap