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Solid Soaps

Augmented Tortellino Soap
Cupcake Shower Balm
Increased Tortellino Scrub
Rope soap
CIPS solid bubble bath
Bath bomb Tea of you
Organic mint soap
Organic Marseille soap Essentiabio
Organic almond soap
Solid Soap Moon Flower
Solid Soap Silk Flower
Solid Soap Lava Flower
Vegetable soap
Herbal bath salt
Aleppo soap
Aloe soap
Lavender soap
Orange soap
Clay soap
Helichrysum and lemon soap
Rosehip soap
Hemp solid cleanser
Shampoo cinn. pomegr.
Body Box Naiadi
Artisanal solid salt soap | Peppermint
Energizing Shea Butter
Clay rose solid artisanal soap
Coconout milk artisanal solid soap
Verbena artisanal solid soap
Vanilla Rose Soap Artisanal Soap
Artisanal salt solid soap | Lavender
Artisanal pine forest solid soap
Jasmine solid soap | Artisanal
Forest Peace Soapbar
Red wine soap
Naked soapbar
Solid Kit | Greasy hair and skin
Solid Kit | Dry skin and hair
Hair Kit
Artisanal solid salt soap | Classic
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Artisanal solid soap | Fragrance Papyrus
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Artisanal solid soap | Champagne and strawberry
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Artisanal solid salt scrub soap | Lemon
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Artisanal solid scrub soap | Rosemary
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Artisanal solid scrub soap | Geranium
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Artisanal solid scrub salt soap | Grapefruit