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High quality recycled cashmere hat and above all Eco-sustainable. HUMNZR's commitment is to reduce the environmental impact by supporting the protection of natural resources.

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Soft and warm, HUMNZR's recycled cashmere Denver hat is a classic to wear on any occasion with the top that falls backwards. Multi-ply shaved workmanship to enhance its lightness and softness. Available in 8 colors.

The packaging HUMNZR is made of natural organic cotton, reusable as a practical bag or clutch. In addition, as a gift, a tag made with handmade plantable seed paper with instructions for sowing and germinating a plant.

Size: one size.

Available colors: green, electric blue, light gray, red.



Recycled cashmere and organic cotton hats do not need to be soaked. They are immersed in cold water, preferably upside down, with a little delicate detergent, then proceed by tapping them lightly as if it were a massage. In case of stains, rub the affected parts quickly and lightly directly with the detergent. The rinsing will take place by pressing the fabric very well without twisting. Subsequently, the excess water will be removed by spreading a cloth or a cotton towel on a surface, placing the hat on it well stretched and rolling the towel or cotton cloth until the roll that has formed is twisted. This will allow the elimination of all excess water and will prepare the garment for faster drying.


To keep the hat intact, proceed with drying by always placing it in a horizontal position, away from direct sun and heat sources. To ensure that both sides dry evenly, it is also recommended to turn it over at least once.


If the cap has been washed correctly and has no wrinkles, it can be worn directly. However, if it is deemed necessary, you can give a shot of steam by holding the iron at a distance of a few centimeters, without resting it, or, if necessary, iron on the reverse side by placing a cotton cloth on it.

100% Made in Italy

HUMNZR arises from an ethical, environmental and human idea that can embrace the universality of concepts that are increasingly exploited and not very aware.

Respect for nature, mutual understanding, the authentic expression of every human being, are concepts that HUMNZR has developed through all the phases of creation of the Brand and its accessories, starting from the choice of eco-sustainable material to the sharing of issues worthy of attention.

HUMNZR wants to stand out, make people think, share and sensitize an audience that is increasingly focused on must-have trends.

HUMNZR's must-have concept consists of a recycled or regenerated product that helps reduce the environmental impact and safeguard the natural resources of the environment.

A product that, with its versatility of its style, also becomes sharing. The HUMNZR style comes from urban, everyday art, the one under the eyes of all. People, drawings, artists who tell, transmit, express their nature with courage through their art, their work, their being. The street is the place of encounter, knowledge, respect and mutual recognition. Styles, customs, colors, particularities that meet and respect each other.

Those who wear HUMNZR, respect the environment, wear a message, feel part of a revolution, share their style consciously.

WHATaECO chose HUMNZR because humbly proposes itself to be a valid, reliable and right alternative.

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