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Stretch mark prevention oil
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Stretch mark prevention oil

Rosehip oil | 30ml | Stretch mark prevention

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Rosehip oil | Stretch mark prevention


The elixir of youth that regenerates the skin, and more! Rosehip oil is a very precious ally of our beauty. It is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as linoleic acid (skin tonic), vitamin E (antioxidant) and K (useful for combating rosacea and skin aging), squalene (emollient and antioxidant) and vitamin A (stimulates cell renewal).

This pure oil is obtained by cold pressing and is 100% pure. This pure oil is known for its use in pregnancy in prevention of stretch marks thanks to its regenerating properties but it is also very effective for reducing scars and wrinkles both mild and deep.

It is in fact a very versatile active to be used on the face as anti-aging or as sebum- rebalancing in case of oily and / or acne-prone skin. Used on the body it gives elasticity to the skin, prevents and attenuates stretch marks, accelerates the healing of scars and sunburn thanks to its elasticizing and soothing properties.

Can it only be used on the skin? The answer is no!

Rosehip oil will never risk being left unused in your beauty case!




100% natural and sustainable ingredients


30 ml with dropper

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