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This toothpaste powder is ecofriendly and... it works!

This tooth powder consists of sodium bicarbonate, calcium carbonate and peppermint essential oil to help remove plaque from the teeth. It is fluoride free and comes in a convenient travel size glass jar.

Calcium carbonate: This common abrasive helps remove plaque, debris and surface stains. Abrasives, combined with the scrubbing motion of your toothbrush, clean the surface of your tooth. When baking soda comes in contact with water it forms an alkaline solution, which releases free radicals that facilitate teeth whitening. By attacking the plaque formation its prevents dental decay, cavity formation and gum diseases to a very large extent.

It also fights bad breath by balancing the acidic levels of residual food. Further, it also helps in treating painful mouth ulcers. The alkaline combination of baking soda and water neutralizes the acidic nature of the ulcer, and allowing you to enjoy your food in peace. Because of its super absorbent properties, activated charcoal is thought to detoxify your mouth and super-clean your teeth by latching onto bacteria, tartar, food residue and stains, and stripping them all from your mouth.

50g glass jar

2x use daily 3+ months

3-4x daily 2+ months

To use- wet your bamboo toothbrush, dip bristles into the powder, tap toothbrush to release excess toothpaste powder and brush in circular movements for atleast 2 minutes. Rinse mouth out with water.

Ingredients: Ingredients include xylitol, calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate, activated carbon, mint essential oil

Silver Coast Soaps, a small family business, was born in 2019 in Portugal after four years of formulations, tests and research of the right ingredients, all of local origin.

All products are meticulously designed and tested day by day and manufactured in small batches to ensure maximum control and quality. Driven by a strong commitment to the community, Silver Coast Soap is very active in helping local charities by donating time and resources, as well as part of the profits.

WHATaECO has chosen Silver Coast Soap as an example of the immense power that a family with an idea and a dream possesses when together they decide to embark on a business adventure always keeping in mind the values ​​of sustainability and ethics that distinguish them.

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