Our contribution to UN SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals


We stand for decent work practices. We are an Italian micro-enterprise with a big vision: we believe in a world that values and benefits from sustainable businesses. We are ready to grow and create opportunities to promote work that is productive; delivers a fair income; and that provides security and better prospects for personal development and social integration.



Each of the partners we support agree with our mission statement and vision. We believe in the educational power of companies, and we share with consumers our vision and knowledge to stimulate them to consume responsibly. We are on a mission to advance sustainability by providing easy access to everyday necessary items without negatively impacting on the planet.



We make things happen. Taking action is key in combating climate change. Time is ticking, and we see it as our duty to shed light on businesses that make daily efforts to integrate climate change measures into their policies, strategies, and planning. Our community is proudly one of those driven by reducing the impact of climate change.



Every action counts, and even the smallest one can be extremely damaging for our oceans. We work to offer valid alternatives to disposable items that often end up in the sea, and that have an extremely negative impact on the underwater environment and marine life. We also support businesses that are resourceful in making use of trash collected from beaches. To demonstrate our commitment, in 2021 we will also support the 30x30 campaign conducted by Worldrise.



Selling is not our main focus. We are driven by finding solutions to protect the earth, and each year we support partners to reduce the loss of natural habitats and biodiversity. In 2020 we worked with EcoTree in developing sustainable forests in Europe. 



We work independently. Our partners are selected based on the standard and values they follow and the goals they pursue. Our community walks towards a more sustainable way of doing business with a clear mind and without fear. We believe in the power of transparency and for this reason we ask all our partners to sign our Ethical Code. Together we can make it happen!