SDGs: Sustainable Development Goals

We believe in the educational power of companies. We share our vision and daily company choices with consumers, we inspire widespread ecological awareness using all available communication channels.

A responsible consumption is possible and our mission is to promote sustainability by providing easy access to goods needed on a daily basis without having a negative impact on the Planet.

We believe in a world that values itself and grows thanks to sustainable entrepreneurship. We create productive employment opportunities, which guarantee fair compensation, job security, prospects for personal development and social integration. All the partners we work with fully share our values.

Every action has an impact and even the smallest can be harmful to natural ecosystems. We offer valid alternatives to disposable items that often end up in the sea or in landfill. We support companies that give waste collected from beaches and oceans a second life. To demonstrate our real commitment, in 2020 we worked with Ecotree to develop and maintain sustainable forests in Europe and in 2021 we supported the 30x30 campaign led by Worldrise.

WHATaECO is a startup certified carbon neutral by VERRA until 2024. Find out more

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