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What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a collaborative process of a group of people who use their money to support the efforts of people and organizations.

It is a bottom-up micro-financing practice that mobilizes people and resources. Crowdfunding is the main tool behind alternative finance.

It consists of using the Internet to raise capital from groups of people with common interests to finance a project or initiative. Investing in innovative start-ups allows very high potential returns, commensurate with risk.

In this phase, Unicorn Hunters generally invest, investors looking for the new Google of the future; or Alpha Seekers, investors looking for attractive profit margins unrelated to financial markets.

But there are not only great earning opportunities, there is also a romantic and philanthropic streak that pushes investors to venture into these phases. It has been statistically proven that many investors participate out of a sense of belonging and to be able to say:

“I also contributed to developing this project”.


What is equity crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding allows innovative startups to reach out to the crowd to obtain the capital necessary to develop their entrepreneurial activity. The investor (potentially, you!) Acquires equity shares in the company capital and becomes a shareholder.

In our crowdfunding campaign, we have thought of different types of shares:

Minimum investment to become a member = 250 €

Future shareholders who invest > € 1,000 will also be entitled to free shipping for 1 year starting on the campaign closing day.

Future shareholders who invest > € 10,000 will gain the right to vote in shareholders' meetings.


How to calculate the share you will become the owner of?


You can use this formula to calculate the percentage of the company you will own:

18,52 : 250.000 = X : I

I = Investment made

X = Share obtained

Isn't math your best skill? Don't worry, we have already done some sample calculations:


Minimum investment = 250€ = 0,0185%

1.000€ = 0,074%

10.000€ = 0,74%

13.500€ = 1%

Maximum investment = 250.000€ = 18,52%


Why to invest in WHATaECO?

You are not browsing on a simple online shop but the new frontier of consumption, at least according to our eco-vision!

We are Benedetta and Caterina, and we believe in a world that values and grows thanks to sustainable entrepreneurship. Our mission is to promote sustainability by providing easy access to daily necessary goods without harming the planet.

WHATaECO is an innovative Startup, Early bird, it is the first truly sustainable Italian B2C eCommerce already operating throughout the European Union.

The site is powered by clean energy (for real!), the logistics are organized in dropshipping without a warehouse with transport halved and compensated by certified offset programs, the packaging is rigorously plastic-free and all products are eco-compatible and the result of a ethical supply chain.


+ 2500 ethical and sustainable products

+ 120 brands 


WHATaECO has already aroused the interest of the sector media (magazines, blogs, radio, podcasts and TV), has obtained the recognition from the United Nations for pursuing the sustainable development goals of the 2030 agenda, supports the Worldrise 30x30 campaign alongside internationally recognized brands and has entered into important partnerships such as the collaboration with the company B Corp greenApes and the startup that deals with Artificial Intelligence, Pengo Idee Onlife (many new features are coming!).

WHATaECO is born in a scientifically recognized and pragmatically perceived environmental crisis scenario by consumers. Intending to propose a sustainable e-commerce model on an international scale, inspiring the development of a widespread ecological awareness through easy availability of resources, WHATaECO offers a pragmatic alternative to sustainable online shopping in all product sectors (including experiences and courses online) affecting everyday life.

WHATaECO also acts as a reference for Italian and foreign companies that want to strengthen the ethical and sustainable message of their brand and finally take advantage of a reduced impact sales channel.

WHATaECO has been online since the end of October 2020 with 42 pre-launch contracts with Italian and foreign producers. The catalogue is constantly expanding with new products every week and we have created an online community of attentive consumers in constant expansion which already has almost 10k active users and in which WHATaECO is mentioned, suggested and recognized as a valid Italian alternative to online shopping.

Considering the achievement of these milestones in less than a year of activity... We are happy!

But there is still a long way to go and the goals are ambitious, so we need your help.

We did our best in recent months and now we find ourselves at a crossroads but the only path we want to take is the one of growth: expanding the team by offering ethical employment, giving a sprinkle to the shop to make everything more intuitive, increasing the number of ethical and sustainable brands we support and... introducing food (for us and our pets)!


Are there any risks?

Yes, as in everything in life.

Regarding the entire portfolio, it is always a wise rule to diversify investments: in consideration of its high risk, the investment in WHATaECO, counterintuitively from the urge to invest your house as well, should represent a limited percentage of the overall portfolio invested.

The main risks are illiquidity, loss of the entire investment and (initial) lack of dividends (for the first 5 years WHATaECO will continue to invest capital in the project itself).

If you believe in the project, in the power of female entrepreneurship, in young people and green businesses, with the equity crowdfunding campaign we have launched, you have the opportunity to become a shareholder! What are you waiting for?


How to invest?

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