Zero low impact shipping . Be wary of those who speak to you in absolute terms.

Zero impact does not exist.

However you know, in WHATaECO, nothing is left to chance.

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Even though we sell so many things, we hate hoarding.

So, no warehouses around: the suppliers' ones are enough. We work in dropshipping to avoid unnecessarily tossing the goods around Europe.

When you buy a product, together with the supplier, we prepare everything so that the goods reach you directly, with the most linear path possible.

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The 3 pillars of our logistics


We work in dropshipping, delivering the goods directly from the supplier, without passing through other warehouses.

Furthermore, we have chosen only the road transport. True, it takes a few more days but we don't think it's worth putting a solid shampoo on a plane to get it to you the next day.


We achieve carbon neutrality through the reduction of transport combined with the use of renewable energies and controlled offset.

There are CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided but can be compensated through concrete support for a project to absorb CO2 emissions and protect biodiversity.


To offset the emissions and environmental impact of our business, every past year we made donations to selected environmental projects:

2020 | EcoTree

Forest protection in Europe

2021 | Worldrise

30x30 campaign to make 30% Marine Protected Area

But that's not all ...

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But that's not all...

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