Be wary of those who talk to you in absolute terms. Zero impact does not exist. But by now you will have understood, in WHATaECO nothing is left to chance. Even though we sell a lot, we hate hoarding.

So, no warehouses around the suppliers' ones are enough. We work in dropshipping to avoid unnecessarily tossing the goods around Europe.

When you buy a product, together with the supplier, we prepare everything so that the goods reach you directly, with the most linear path possible.

We also select brands for their attention to detail because we don't want you to receive junky packaging. Each supplier chooses the best eco-friendly materials to protect the products, so you will receive different packagings all the time.

However, there are some things you can always expect from all our suppliers...


What do we use to ship your order?


Cardboard boxes are possibly not virgin. Yes, you read that right. Reusing is the most sustainable way to prepare a package. We are sure you will appreciate more a less beautiful but older package!

What do we protect the products with?


Then we'll tell you what you won't find: PLASTIC!

We also reuse newspapers, magazines and other eco-friendly materials for packaging to fill the package correctly and prevent your product from moving too much during transport. For example, do you know what these balls are? They are compostable eco chips deriving from sugarcane or corn waste. Great, right?!

How do we seal the package?

You will recognize our packages because they are sealed with our paper tape with natural rubber glue, manufactured from renewable resources which ensures perfect closure and a minimum impact on the planet!

How can you properly dispose of the shipping box?

Everything is recyclable, but here we give you a couple of ideas on how to reuse packaging because not creating waste is the first step towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Idea 1

Reuse boxes to store items in the garage or attic

Idea 2

Unleash your artistic flair, repaint the box and use it as a new gift package, perhaps for a second hand purchase without packaging!

If you are in Modena, you can bring the boxes or their contents back to us, we will reuse them or share them with our brands!


What about transport?

Our logistic is based on:

Reduce emissions

This is why we work in dropshipping, delivering the goods directly from the supplier, without passing through other warehouses. Furthermore, we have chosen only the road transport. True, it takes a few more days but we don't think it's worth putting a solid shampoo on a plane to get it to you the next day. 

Offset the emissions balance by investing in CO2 removal projects

What does carbon neutral mean? Translated into Italian, the term means "zero emissions" and defines a situation in which the balance of emissions released into the atmosphere is less than or equal to zero.

We achieve carbon neutrality through the reduction of transport (and therefore of emissions), combined with the use of renewable energy and controlled offsetting. If we have eliminated digital pollution at its root immediately by using only clean energy-powered servers, there are CO2 emissions that cannot be avoided but can be offset by environmental benefits that mitigate the impact. Offsetting takes place through concrete support for a project to absorb CO2 emissions and protect biodiversity.

The compensation projects supported so far

To offset the emissions and environmental impact of our business, every year we make donations to selected environmental projects:

- 2020 EcoTree, forest protection in Europe

- 2021 Worldrise, 30x30 campaign to make 30% of the Mediterranean Sea AMP (Marine Protected Area)

Are you part of or do you know a project that protects biodiversity, deals with environmental education or enhances nature? Submit your project, contact us! hello@whataeco.com