What do we use
to ship your order?

Cardboard boxes possibly 

not virgin.

Yes, you read that right.

Reuse is the most sustainable

way of preparing a package.

We are convinced

you will appreciate more

an aesthetically less

beautiful package but

older than age!

  • Cardboard box > PAPER

What do we protect
the products with?

Here's what you won't find:


We reuse newspapers,

magazines and other

eco-friendly materials

to properly fill the package

and prevent your product

from moving too much

during transport.

Do you know what these balls are? 

Compostable eco chips deriving

from sugar cane or corn waste.

  • Compostable chips > ORGANIC

How do we seal
the package?

You will recognize our packages

because they are sealed

with our paper tape with

natural rubber glue,

made from renewable resources. 

This fantastic tape ensures

perfect closure and minimal impact

on the planet!

Signature WHATaECO!

  • Paper tape > PAPER

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