Have you ever heard about digital pollution?

Digital pollution is that environmental impact that all activities involving the use and operation of the Internet and its infrastructure have. 

To function, this system needs massive amounts of energy. Every time we surf online, send an email, use streaming platforms, we are contributing to this pollution.

The trend of using digital tools will continue to grow, and there is little doubt about that, so...

What can we do?

THINK once more before sending an email just to say hello. 

CHOOSE to use cloud tools and clean-powered software (if in doubt, ask!).

If you have an online business DECIDE to opt for clean-powered servers.

Our choice

From day one at WHATaECO we decided that our platform would be hosted by servers powered by clean energy

Initially in Italy, in Bologna to be precise, in the first server complex in Southern Europe to be powered and cooled entirely by solar energy.

After the first year (thanks to your support!) the project grew and we needed more space to host our site, so we moved to Germany where there are several virtuous realities for this service already for many years.

Currently the server we use uses energy generated by water and wind to be powered and cooled.

Feel free to browse, peruse our catalogue and... receive our newsletter! 

These are all activities that do not contribute to digital pollution.

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