Premio Innovatori Responsabili intends to enhance the commitment of the entrepreneurial system, which, in line with the Charter of Principles of social responsibility of Emilia-Romagna companies, contributes to the realization of the objectives of the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development, assuming an integrated vision of sustainability, through the innovation of processes, partnerships, training actions, technologies and products. WHATaECO won the GED - Gender Equality and Diversity Label award in 2021 for its positive impact on the topic of equal opportunities.

The ICE-Agency for the Abroad Promotion and Internationalization of Italian Companies is the body through which the Government favors the consolidation and economic-commercial development of our companies on foreign markets. In Autumn 2022 WHATaECO was among the 10 companies selected to participate in the Global Startup Program in Berlin at GERMAN TECH.

In a globalized world it is essential to have a thorough understanding of the European and American markets. An innovative and interactive learning approach is born from the collaboration between UniGe and Georgetown University aimed at supporting companies in a 4-week acceleration program. In the summer of 2022 WHATaECO was among the 10 companies selected to participate in the Genoa Entrepreneurship School.

GECO is the virtual fair on sustainability that offers all its participants and visitors the immersive experience of a fair - totally virtual, interactive and highly customized. Sustainable tourism, circular economy, eco-food, mobility and sustainable energy are the main topics and WHATaECO qualified in second place in the 2021 edition.

ART-ER Attractiveness Research Territory is the Emilia-Romagna Consortium Company created to promote sustainable growth in the region through the development of innovation and knowledge, attractiveness and internationalization of the territory. WHATaECO was selected among the Startups that will participate in Le Serre, the ART-ER incubator, managed in collaboration with the Municipality of Bologna.


Sorgenia is one of the main Italian energy operators. Like us, Sorgenia believes that technological innovation can be an extraordinary tool to protect the environment and improve the society in which we live and that values can never be separated from behavior and business choices. We offer our catalogue to Sorgenia's community with more than 50 thousand users: active citizens who come together to carry out gestures that help the Planet to achieve concrete results. Also, our office and showroom use clean energy provided by Sorgenia.

IED-Istituto Europeo di Design has presented its new “Green Your Future Awards” a call for students who want to be involved in projects of environmental, social and cultural sustainability. The students who will become official Green Ambassadors IED will have the task of being carriers and spreading the culture of sustainability by raising awareness among their classmates and engaging them in the implementation of concrete projects. WHATaECO was a guest speaker at IED Milano to talk about Circular Economy and to lead an interactive fashion workshop with the young students.

GreenApes is a BCORP company, based in Florence: it was founded in 2012 with the mission of promoting eco-sustainable lifestyles through digital solutions. Through the app, users can post sustainable actions and get points that they can then spend on sustainable local businesses or eCommerce, such as WHATaECO! Download the app

AICEL - Italian Association of Electronic Commerce is the organization providing the first service certification of electronic commerce: SonoSicuro. The model applied is the consolidated and recognized one of traditional process certifications, such as ISO. The certification serves to make the users understand immediately that the shop they are visiting is really committed to respecting consumers' rights. WHATaECO is a SonoSicuro certified website.

MenoPerPiù is a program that supports companies in promoting healthy food with low environmental impact by promoting theoretical and practical training: through webinars and conferences on the relationship between food, health and the climate crisis, and practically with ad hoc training of chefs. The goal is to transform the meal into a healthy, ecological and convenient moment, in the company restaurant or at home. WHATaECO has organized a communication project to broaden the scope of the project.

Kiri is the Japanese name of Paulownia, the tree that absorbs more CO2 in absolute and over 10 times more than any other plant: a single hectare of this tree compensates for about 30 tons of CO2 per year, the equivalent of emissions produced by 30 cars in motion for the same period. Kiri is an initiative developed by green-tech start-up Kiri Technologies with the Stellantis e-Mobility team. WHATaECO collaborates with Kiri by offering its entire catalogue to the community of users of the Kiri app.

Ecobnb is the sustainable tourism portal that promotes a responsible way of traveling with a reduced environmental impact: stays in eco-sustainable accommodation facilities, organic food, environmentally friendly itineraries, non-polluting travel, the rediscovery of nearby places and authenticity. Traveling with Ecobnb, you save water, reduce waste and reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Ecobnb is carbon neutral and powered by 100% clean energy. WHATaECO is a partner of Ecobnb and promotes sustainable tourism with communication projects.


VERRA develops and manages standards that are globally applicable to provide innovative solutions to environmental and social problems by supporting projects that deliver a range of benefits to communities and their surrounding environments. WHATaECO supported the installation of HPP Barra Grande provides enough clean electricity to the supply of 30% of the energetic demand of the state of Santa Catarina or 20% of the total energy consumed in the state of Rio Grande do Sul (Brasil). Discover more

Naturenergie - part of the Energiedienst Group - has over 100 years of experience in the production of clean electricity from hydroelectric power and can be defined as an eco-pioneer which has always constantly reduced CO2 emissions and conserved resources. Since January 2020, the entire Group has been one of the first energy companies in Germany and Switzerland to become carbon neutral. has always been powered by 100% clean energy. See the certificate

Isendu is our logistics partner. Florentine company managed by a young and dynamic team supports us in the management of your shipments that we organize in dropshipping (find out why it is more ecological than having a warehouse) and in the creation of waybills. We also work with Isendu on the communication side for ad hoc projects.

Pengo Idee OnLife is an Innovative Startup specialized in the creation of Chabot. Founded by Laura Francesca Bottazzi and Daniele Righi, Pengo is a partner of WHATaECO in the creation of chatbots that implement an interactive relationship with customers. Together we worked on The Talking Plant of TTG Rimini and on this quiz to find out, once and for all, which solid shampoo is best for your hair!

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