This is where you can read something about us, the WhataEco people. And while you're here, let's talk about you too!

Welcome to our group of imperfect zero-wasters united by the desire to get serious with Earth.

So, how do we do that?

Do we save whales? Shall we free marine turtles? Or maybe buy fleets of bicycles? Perhaps. Sometimes. Hopefully.

Because let's face it: saving the world isn't just about being an eco-hero. Every day, small actions are far better than eco-perfectionism. A perennial and collective habit like buying – that tasty, automatic, sometimes anxious habit - can save us. If done consciously. And we’re doing the lion’s work of the conscious shopping for you; we spend ages searching, choosing, comparing and verifying that products and transport will leave little trace in the world. Conscious shopping is catching on!

But hey! This is WhataEco ***COLLECTIVE HELL YEAH!*** A surprising turning point for stylish, clean, concentrated and optimized shopping. Once and for all. Forget energy overconsumption and buy without stress or guilt, as a committed Earth lover. You might even have time for a little home yoga session.

... by the way! You can find a sustainable yoga kit here. And if people will ask you, "Where did you get it?" the answer will be a little more interesting than something like "Oh, you know, on Amazon".

Ease your shopping, boost your happiness!

If you still have a few minutes left, we'd love to officially introduce ourselves.


Who We Are

We are Benedetta and Caterina, young Italian women who decided to create WhataEco on a warm summer evening. Besides the planet, we love a lot of things, like hot tortellini, cold beers. We’re millennials, but still huge fans of grandmas’ remedies rethought in a tech key. And we’re conscious shoppers like you, feeling bad about filling and emptying carts like there’s literally no tomorrow. On the contrary, we feel great when exploring the internet ocean to collect and bring you the ultimate green products.

We want WhataEco to improve our habits, but without taking things that are already in low supply. Time, for example.

Btw, our bios here below will be synthetic.


Benedetta Spattini

My family calls me Betta, my friends call me Benny (you can do that, too)

I like to meet and welcome people, make them feel at home. I am organized, curious, and I sincerely believe in the mutual benefits of business and sustainability.

I love seeing things from above, feeling a little dizzy while climbing, walking in the mountains, traveling alone. I hardly suffer fatigue! However, one thing keeps exhausting me: the common need and the habit of labeling sustainability as an effort. Buying (that means living) green has never been this simple for most of us: and it needs to be increasingly accessible. And also fun.

Caterina Lotti

...or just Cate, for friends.

I’m interested in a lot of things - capoeira, gospel, gardening, sailing, concerts. I live in a little country town, where I get to experience nature at its simplest. Growing and wandering among the red vineyards, the green fields, the blue streams made me want to attend a Graduate School of Environmental Law in Rome. That was an irreplaceable, decisive step on my way to WhataEco.

Today I patiently seek balance both in my life and in my job while respecting everyone’s thoughts. My biggest dream is always being able to anticipate problems and find solutions in time.