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WHATaECO was born in October 2020 by the two of us: Caterina and Benedetta, Italians, from Modena, passionate about sustainability.

WHATaECO was born to provide the most ethical and sustainable alternative on the market for any occasion of everyday life. The structure of the WHATaECO site was born on 3 pillars: clean energy, reduction of transport and compensation of unavoidable emissions, reused packaging and without plastic.

WHATaECO is a trustworthy, transparent and ethical eCommerce: one-stop-shop for conscious consumers.

""Like in business, so in life, we ​​are passionate about eco-sustainability, inclusiveness, and we are very attentive to history and the contemporary challenges related to gender equality. We believe in a world that grows thanks to sustainable entrepreneurship, and we are on a mission to build a future where shopping sustainably is the new normal." "

Our tips

for a more sustainable lifestyle

Opt for a plant-based diet

Choose an ethical bank

Ride more... your bike!

Choose a clean energy provider

Extend the life of products and reuse creatively

Do your best but take care of your mental health

What habit do you want to change with us today?

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