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Our commitment

  • Respect for the workers
  • Eco-friendly design
  • Carbon neutral Start up

WHATaECO supports over 170 brands mostly

  • run by women
  • with social impact
  • innovative

No warehouse

Even though we sell over 3500 ethical and sustainable products , we hate hoarding.
So, no warehouses around: those of suppliers are enough.

Enter a WHATaECO digital store, buy what you need and the brand will prepare a neat package but reused as much as possible, reduced in volume  and without plastic.

How will you recognize that it is a WHATaECO package and that the transport has already been compensated? The brand will use our paper tape with the heart logo to seal the package.

But let's be honest and as much as we do, the zero impact is like free shipping: does not exist.

We already use the resources of five (six? ) planets when - we all know by now - there is not even the famous Planet B.

For this reason, after having worked with EcoTree for the protection of forests in Europe and Worldrise in support of the 30x30 campaign, this year we officially became Startup Carbon Neutral. 

And that, if nothing else, is a decent Plan B.


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Shipping costs

Shipping costs € 4.95 per order from the same brand (within 5 kg).

FREE SHIPPING for cart that contains more than € 59.90 of products of the same brand.

Before paying, inform your relatives or friends: maybe they need something and you optimize the shipping cost.

Shipping time

Your order will be processed within 48h (except when the weekend falls in between: we rest, remember to do it too!).

From Italy to Italy 3-5 working days

Outside Italy 3-9 working days

Timing may vary when you purchase made-to-order products.

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