How it Works

Hi, we’re finally meeting. Maybe because we’ve been looking for each other for a while.

My name’s WhataEco, and I’m a fully responsible lifestyle shop.

Currently one of the few born and raised in our country, Italy.

I already speak a couple of languages and sell products from all over Europe. Plenty of essentials for globetrotters or straightforward souls, for moms and dads, children and teenagers, for ladies and gentlemen, free spirits, green thumbs, creative minds, night owls or early risers.

That’s, like, for everyone—because buying green should no longer be the alternative, but the routine.

Have you looked around yet?


Everything you see here, and even what you can’t see, is entirely compromise-free.

From your cart to your bell, and everything in between.


First of all, all products (and experiences!) are ethical and cruelty-free. Some of them have natural origins, others are vegan or biodegradable (or both). There are objects you’ll get attached, made to last years and years. Most of the plastic is recycled – cause it’s always better to find it here than in the sea.

Yes, we sell a lot of things. But we hate to accumulate. So, no warehouses dotted around the planet, just suppliers. The transport is finally protected: the goods arrive directly from the manufacturer, followinging to a distribution line that rewards the work of the couriers, which we are always so happy to see at the door.

The suppliers have lovely minimal packaging wrapped in a paper scotch you’ll recognize from the heart-shaped plant logo. Also, our site is hosted by a web farm close to home, the only one in Southern Europe entirely fueled with the energy of our cosmic light bulb, the sun.

That said, we have to face reality: no matter how hard we try, zero impact is just like free shipping: it may never exist. We already use the resources of five (six?) planets when – as many billboards claim – there’s not even a Planet B. But we’re trying to take care of this by planting trees and joining with our first partner, Ecotree. For a few months now, we have been keeping a whole forest alive. And this, if nothing else, is a decent Plan B. Join it, btw!


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