- What is WHATaECO? 

WHATaECO is the first European multi brand really sustainable eCommerce. Currently in its first year of life after more than 450 days of planning. It is powered by solar energy, it provides a carbon neutral drop-shipping service, the packagings are plastic free and the wide catalogue is ethical and eco-friendly. WHATaECO is the last stop for your guilt-free shopping.


- Who is behind WHATaECO? 

Get to know us better here 


- What makes WHATaECO different? 

Not only do we offer a wide range of products for your daily life, we also pride ourselves on only using solar energy to run our servers and having thought about and put in place all the measures currently available to reduce the impact of our platform.


- What is so special about the brands and products available on WHATaECO? 

All collections available online have been through a rigorous selection process led by the founders. We guarantee that they have all been through a selection process before being sold online so as to ensure they provide eco-friendly, high quality and safe products, and of the highest manufacturing quality in terms of ethics and workers rights. In addition, all our partner have to accept our ETHICAL CODE.


- Do you have any physical stores? 

No (or not yet!) We decided to create an eCommerce powered by solar energy and without a warehouse for sustainability reasons. A physical shop needs to be heated and climatized, often is a rented place where you can’t decide which energy to choose… So far we haven’t found a way to open a low impact physical shop yet. However, we have a lot of ideas going on in mind so stay tuned!


- Are your brands all certificated? 

Most of them but not all of them. We are glad to know when a brand got an international recognized certification because it surely shows commitment but we also want to support those artisanal realities which we believe are not less ethical and sustainable only because they do not have a certification… For example? See how crazy good is this woman.  


- Do the brands you sell produce their collections in factories in less developed countries? 

Most manufacturing of items sold through WHATaECO is done in Italy or Europe by the artisan themselves or under their close supervision. If not, we dig into where the work take place and how the workers’ rights are protected and we encourage our partners to only use local artisans from the country of origin and using traditional methods. Such as in the case of Emi & Eve or DEPASZ.


- Do you sell fur? 

No! We will never agree on selling exotic animal skins, fur or anything else considered 100% unethical. We will never sell a product where an animal has been killed for its skin alone.


- Is your catalogue all vegan? 

No, but it is all cruelty free. We do not accept animal torture in any kind and none of our product or its ingredients are tested on animals. However we do not abstain from using animal products when a proper care and treatment of the animals is assured by the supplier. Such as in the case of FORTUNALE's wool or the beeswax wraps.


- I want to sell on WHATaECO

That sounds great. We are always ready to welcome new ethical and sustainable members. Please fill out the form here and we’ll get back to you in 48h.


- Hey, I believe in your project! How can I support? 

Thank you, we believe in it too! If you want to support our project please consider buying your favourite new T-Shirt. 100% of the profit we will be re-invested in the project. We are a young Startup and a small act for you would mean the world to us in this phase.


- Can you give me general advice on shopping? 

Buy consciously.




- How do I add products of the same brand in the cart? 

Great question, you got how it works! You have 2 ways:

If you already know the name of your favourite brand, type the name in the search tab at the top right.

If you see a product you like and want to see the other products of the same brand, open the tab “Supplier Details” in the product page and click on the logo of the brand. WHATaECO will show you all the products of the same brand and you can buy all of them with a fixed shipping cost of 4,95 euro.


- What happens after the order confirmation?

Besides our affection, you will receive a cheerful confirmation email. And if the expectation of pleasure is a pleasure itself, waiting for the courier will be easy.


- I placed an order, but I’ve just received an out-of-stock notification. What can I do?

So sorry about that... out-of-stock can be very annoying. We at WHATaECO work with quality, strictly independent producers, that means popular products can be difficult to source when they sell out. All being well more will arrive shortly, if not, our Support team will do their utmost to find you a suitable alternative to love.


- Can I pick up some products from your office? 

You are welcome to come to our office to pick up your new favourite t-shirts. Unfortunately for the rest of catalogue you need to process the order online because we do not have a warehouse for sustainability reasons. We will send the goods you choose directly from the suppliers’ warehouse.


- How do I solve a problem with my order? 

Just drop us a few lines We’ll respond in the infusion time of your favorite herbal tea.


- Will I have to make multiple payments for every item I want? 

No, do not worry! We want to provide the easiest way for you to shop so we provide a secure single payment process no matter how many products your order.


- What payment options do you offer?

You can currently pay on WHATaECO using Visa, Mastercard, American express and Paypal but we are going to implement the wallet soon so that you can use the currency and method you prefer. Stay tuned!


- Do you accept payment via phone? 

No, we currently don’t.




- How much do I pay for shipping/transport? And why precisely 4,95 euros?

That’s it, shipping costs 4,95 euros per order under 5 kg. The good news is, when you buy several things at once from the same manufacturer, you still only spend 4,95 euros - whether you buy ten or two. So, before paying, ask relatives or friends… maybe they’ll get something they need, and you optimize expenses

No one likes incurring expenses for enormous transport costs from 30 to 80 euros. Do not hesitate to write to us for any doubts. So, if you’re about to buy something like furniture, mattresses or, in general, heavy or bulky objects, contact us, and we’ll arrange for you to spend the right amount in proportion to the items to be shipped

If you ordered our tees (mentioned below) and you find yourself around Modena, pick them up directly here from us! We’ll buy you coffee.

We get it. Those are optimum prices, but so are the people who take care of loading, shipping, and transporting your goods. Let’s team-up: the longer we support sustainable shipments, the less they will cost. Here you can learn more about the subject.

Your order will be processed within 48h (except when the weekend falls in between: Saturday and Sunday we rest, remember to do it too!). Shipments from Italian brands to Italy take 3-7 working days and outside Italy (or from euroepan brands to Italy) 3-9 working days. By purchasing products to order, the timing may vary.

- I ordered two items from you. Am I receiving two separate parcels? 

We send the products to you directly from each partner’s warehouse, which means halving the number of shippings, and if you order from multiple brands, you will receive separate packages.


- I’ve ordered items from multiple brands. Will I have to pay for multiple shipping costs?

Yes. We work with partners from all over the EU, so items are often being sent from different locations, incurring multiple shipping costs. Currently you only pay 4,95 euro for each partner and we pay the rest. Discover how to save on shippings!


- I ordered two items from you. Why have I been charged twice for delivery? 

Every time you add a product in the cart a pop up tells you how much the shipping cost is. If you add products of the same brand in the cart the shipping cost is always 4,95 euro. Our brands are often small, independent businesses and you are supporting them in a really difficult time with every purchase you make! Discover how to save on shippings!


- Where do you deliver? 

We currently ship orders to all the EU. If you have any doubt CONTACT US.


- Can my order be shipped to a work address? 

Yes! Just add your work address in your private area or at checkout. You can have multiple addresses saved in your private area, the only important thing is to be sure to be there so that the courier will find you. Adding your phone number can help them a lot.


- I want to see products with a fast delivery time.

We are afraid you won’t find any. This is not the right stop for compulsive shoppers. Fast delivery requires the triple energies respect standard shipping. Take it slow, enjoy our catalogue and buy only what you need. To save on shippings follow our tips.


- Why do I only have one free return per year? [Spoiler: free returns have become unsustainable!]

In a straightforward Google search, you already get enough information about how returns and shipments damage any digital or physical retailer without the distribution of huge e-commerce. The environmental cost is also tremendous. Responsible consumption today can and must try other ways: are you with us?


- How can I get my free return per year?

Just create an account: enter your details here, and you will find the proper instructions.