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About us

What is WHATaECO?

WHATaECO is the first truly sustainable European multi-brand eCommerce. Currently in its first year after more than 450 days of planning. It is powered by solar energy, provides a carbon neutral drop shipping service, the packaging is plastic free and the extensive catalog is ecological and the result of an ethical supply chain. WHATaECO is the last stop for your guilt-free shopping.

Who is behind WHATaECO?

Benedetta, Caterina and an expanding team. Read more about us on the About us page.

What makes WHATaECO different?

We offer a wide range of products for a low impact daily life, but we are also proud to use only clean energy to run our servers and to have thought and implemented all the measures currently possible to reduce the impact of our platform.

What is so special about the brands and products available on WHATaECO?

All collections available online have undergone a rigorous selection process that ensures they are eco-friendly, high quality, safe and of the highest manufacturing quality in terms of ethics and workers' rights. Furthermore, all our partners, Italian and international, must accept our Code of Ethics.

Are there physical WHATaECO stores?

No (or not yet!)

We have decided to create an eCommerce powered by solar energy and without a warehouse for sustainability reasons. A physical store needs to be heated and air conditioned, often in a rental property where you cannot decide which energy supplier to choose ... So far we have not yet found a way to open a low impact physical store. However, we have a lot of ideas in mind, so ... stay tuned!

Are all the brands on WHATaECO certified?

Most but not all. We are happy to know that a brand has obtained an internationally recognized certification because it certainly shows serious commitment but we also want to support those artisan realities that we do not consider less ethical and sustainable just because they lack certification ... For example? Look at these jewels and try to guess the raw material.

Does the production of goods on WHATaECO take place all over the world?

Most of the production of the items sold through WHATaECO takes place in Italy or in Europe by the artisans themselves or under their close supervision. If the production was outside the EU, we investigate where and how the work actually takes place and we encourage our partners to use only local artisans from the country of origin and using traditional methods. As in the case of Emi & Eve.

Is the WHATaECO catalog all vegan?

No, but it's all cruelty free. We do not accept animal torture of any kind and none of our products or ingredients are tested on animals. However, we do not refrain from using products of animal origin when the supplier ensures adequate care and treatment of the animals. As in the case of Fortunale wool or beeswax food films to replace disposable ones.

Do you sell furs?

No! We will never agree on the sale of exotic animal skins, furs or anything else that is considered 100% unethical. We will never sell a product where an animal was killed just for its skin.

I would like to sell on WHATaECO

Fantastic! We are always ready to welcome new ethical and sustainable partners. Fill out the form here and we will get back to you in 48 hours.

I love your project! How can I support it?

Thanks, we believe it too! If you want to support our project, please consider purchasing your new favorite shirt. 100% of the profit will be reinvested in the project. We are a young Startup and a small gesture for you would mean the world for us at this stage.

Can you give me some general shopping advice?

Read the label and ask questions!

Orders and payments

How do I add products of the same brand to the shopping cart?

Great question, you understand how it works! You have 2 ways:

If you already know the name of your favorite brand, type the name in the search bar at the top right.

If you see a product you like and want to see other products from the same brand, open the "Supplier Details" tab on the product page you are looking at and click on the brand logo. WHATaECO will show you all the products of the same brand and you can buy them all with a fixed shipping cost of 4.95 euros.

How do I solve problems with my order?

By writing an email to to which we will reply within the infusion time of your favorite herbal tea.

What happens, from the order confirmation onwards?

In addition to our affection, you will receive a confirmation email. And if the expectation of pleasure is pleasure itself, waiting for the courier will be wonderful.

I placed an order, but now they have told me that the product is out of stock. How can I do?

We are very sorry: we know that out-of-stock can be annoying. We at WHATaECO work with quality, strictly independent producers. This means showcasing unique and precious creations, but also rare... especially if you like them a lot. Either way, our Support team will do their utmost to find something else that will win you over.

Can I collect some products from your office?

You are welcome in our office to collect your WHATaDAMA or WHATaDAVID t-shirt. Unfortunately for the rest of the catalog it is necessary to process the online order because we do not have a warehouse for sustainability reasons. We will send the goods you have chosen directly from the suppliers warehouse.

Will I have to make multiple payments for each item I want?

No do not worry! We want to provide you with the easiest way to shop guilt-free, so we provide a one-time and secure payment process no matter how many products you want to order.

What payment options do you offer?

At the moment you can pay on WHATaECO using Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal. No additional fees are applied to the different payment methods.

Do you accept payments by phone?

No, at the moment it is not possible.

Shipping and returns

How much do I pay for shipping / transport? And why just € 4.95?

Read well, for shipping you pay € 4.95 per order within 5 kg. The good news is: if you buy several things at the same time from the same manufacturer, you always and in any case spend 4.95 euros - whether you buy one hundred or two. So, before paying, get informed by relatives or friends: maybe they need something! And you optimize your expenses.

If you buy furniture, mattresses or, in general, heavy or bulky objects, the costs go up: supporting the costs for large transport costs from 30 to 80 euros. Do not hesitate to write to us if you have any questions. If you order our tees (which we talk about below) and you are nearby, come and get them directly from us! We offer you a coffee.

These are important prices, but the work of those who load, ship and transport with care and safety is also important. Let's work as a team: the longer we support sustainable shipments, the less they will cost: here you can find out more.

Your order will be processed within 48h (except when the weekend falls in between: we rest, remember to do it too!). Shipments to Italy take 3-5 working days and outside Italy 3-9 working days. By purchasing products to order, the timing may vary.

I have ordered items from multiple brands. Will i have to pay more shipping costs?

Yes. We work with partners across the EU, so items are often sent from different locations, resulting in different shipping costs. You currently pay only € 4.95 for each brand and we pay the rest.

I have ordered two items. Why am I being charged for shipping twice?

Every time you add a product to your cart, a pop up tells you how much the shipping cost is. If you add products of the same brand to your cart, the shipping cost is always € 4.95. Our brands are often small independent businesses, and your every purchase supports them in a really tough time!

Which countries do you ship to?

We currently ship throughout the EU. If in doubt contact us

Can my order be shipped to a work address?

Yup! Just add your work address in your private area or at checkout. You can have multiple addresses saved in your reserved area, the only important thing is to be sure to be present on the day of delivery so that the courier can find you. Adding your phone number can go a long way in helping them find you at the right time.

I want to see with which products the delivery times are ensured the next day.

We are afraid you will not find any. This is not the right stop for compulsive shoppers. Fast delivery requires three times the energy of standard shipping. Take your time to browse and only buy what you need. To save on shipping follow our advice.

Why do I only have one free return per year? [Spoiler: Free returns have become unsustainable!]

Free returns and shipping damage any digital or physical retailer lacking the distribution capacity of large e-commerce. The environmental cost is also tremendous. Responsible consumption, today, can and must try other ways: are you with us?

How can I get my free return per year?

Just write us an email to with the order number and the item for which you want to make a return or exchange.

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