How do I solve a problem with my order?

Just drop us a few lines We’ll respond in the infusion time of your favorite herbal tea.


What happens after the order confirmation?

Besides our affection, you will receive a cheerful confirmation email. And if the expectation of pleasure is a pleasure itself, waiting for the courier will be easy.


How much do I pay for shipping/transport? And why precisely 8,50 euros?

That’s it, shipping costs 8,50 euros per order under 5 kg. The good news is, when you buy several things at once from the same manufacturer, you still only spend 8,50 euros - whether you buy ten or two. So, before paying, ask relatives or friends… maybe they’ll get something they need, and you optimize expenses

No one likes incurring expenses for enormous transport costs from 30 to 80 euros. Do not hesitate to write to us for any doubts. So, if you’re about to buy something like furniture, contact us, and we’ll arrange for you to spend the right amount in proportion to the items to be shipped

If you ordered our tees (mentioned below) and you find yourself around Modena, pick them up directly here from us! We’ll buy you coffee.

We get it. Those are optimum prices, but so are the people who take care of loading, shipping, and transporting your goods. Let’s team-up: the longer we support sustainable shipments, the less they will cost. Here you can learn more about the subject.


Why do I only have one free return per year? [Spoiler: free returns have become unsustainable!]

In a straightforward Google search, you already get enough information about how returns and shipments damage any digital or physical retailer without the distribution of huge e-commerce. The environmental cost is also tremendous. Responsible consumption today can and must try other ways: are you with us?


How can I get my free return per year?

Just create an account: enter your details here, and you will find the proper instructions.


— I placed an order, but I’ve just received an out-of-stock notification. What can I do?

So sorry about that... out-of-stock can be very annoying. We at WHATaECO work with quality, strictly independent producers, that means popular products can be difficult to source when they sell out. All being well more will arrive shortly, if not, our Support team will do their utmost to find you a suitable alternative to love.