Antiodorant potassium alum

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EssentiaNaturae is a brand born thirty years ago from a small manufacturing company in Mariano Comense with great experience in the herbal-cosmetic sector.

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PROPERTIES: Potassium alum, odorless but saline to the taste, is known and used all over the world for its antifungal and bacteriostatic properties and is mainly used as an alternative to deodorants. It is also widely used as a mosquito repellent and as a hemostatic on small cuts in the skin, for example after a shave.

HOW TO USE: Spray on the part of the body you are interested in, letting the water evaporate without drying. Protects for 24 hours.

PLASTIC FREE PACKAGING: Aluminum bottle. WARNINGS: Keep out of reach of children.

INGREDIENTS: aqua, potassium allum, glycerin, Salvia officinalis oil.

SIZE: 125 ml

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Customer Reviews
Based on 2 reviews

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