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Handcrafted earrings. Every little imperfection derives from the work done by...

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Earrings made by hand with recycled material.

Unique piece.

Nickel free.

Measure: 3,5x6cm

Available colors: fuchsia, turquoise

Material: reuse of vinyl wallpaper.

3 working days for shipping.

Avoid diving into the sea or pool with your earrings.


Tilde & Flor was born from the need to create something personal, an adornment, a feminine decoration.

Only and only female names, sometimes of famous women, sometimes of ordinary women, make up the Tilde & Flor collection, as well as the name of the brand itself.

Tilde & Flor was born from Arianna.

A unique and precious object created using a material she loved so much: vinyl wallpaper.

Vinyl, because it is the material among wallpapers, more resistant to wear and to water. Arianna gets the material from the catalogs that come out of the production of wallpaper manufacturers. They are catalogs that, once their usefulness has been lost, are thrown and disposed of in common bins.

Arianna's intervention consists in the recovery of the catalogs, in the choice of the best pages and the best way to assemble them as color and fantasy. Thus was born the Tilde & Flor accessory, rich in Arianna's creativity and taste.

WHATaECO has chosen Tilde & Flor because thanks to the skilful use of an industrial and commonly used material, Arianna gives us unique pieces, elegant and timeless creations, a symbol of an all-female story.

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