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Washable masks in organic cotton

Mymami masks are in a double layer of organic cotton with an internal filter pocket, washable at 60 degrees, and reusable.

Available in seven colors, the design and the two-fold stitching have been designed to make the masks adaptable to any face.

Each individual mask is packaged in a comfortable and elegant mask holder in organic cotton, ideal for keeping it when not worn.

Measures: 18.5 cm x 8 cm; elastic about 18 cm in the standard version.

The collection is created in the Mymami workshop where the passion for yarn is alive. Artisan manufacture, the excellence of Made in Italy.

Indicated for hygienic precautions, it is not a medical surgical device.

Filtering Masks produced for the purposes of Article 16 paragraph 2 of the Legislative Decree 18 March 17, 2020.

Mymami works with the passion of those who love authentic things, values ​​the times and methods of craftsmanship, selects natural yarns and fabrics, uses environmentally friendly packaging, recognizes the rights of who works with commitment and dedication every day.

Mymami's philosophy finds its foundation in the search for consistency. He chooses non-polluted raw materials, works with passion, values ​​the times and methods of craftsmanship, pays every attention to the criteria of reuse and recycling.

Mymami's commitments materialize in:

- Use of GOTS certified cotton. The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) refers to an international standard used for the certification of natural fibers (the cultivation of cotton takes place without synthetic substances such as insecticides or herbicides) and which includes ecological and social criteria, such as the prohibition to use toxic heavy metals (such as formaldehyde and aromatic solvents), azo dyes and chlorine-based whiteners. In the production process, the waste water is treated with functional plants for the treatment of the water itself and the raw materials must not contain traces of toxic or harmful substances.

- Social commitment. Along the entire production chain, the minimum social requirements must be met, as established in the fundamental standards of the International Labor Organization such as the prohibition of the exploitation of child labor, compliance with safety standards, the absence of discrimination, adequate wages to guarantee a decent life and, more generally, no hostile or inhumane treatment towards the worker.

- Certified packaging: Mymami uses FSC® packaging whose certification ensures that a forest or a forest plantation is managed in compliance with strict environmental, social and economic standards.

WHATaECO has chosen Mymami because it creates everyday goods that respect the environment and people, elegant, quality and durable. Mymami products enter our homes and remain there, making us proud of our choices every day and aware of the importance of adopting a sustainable lifestyle.

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