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Fantastic washable cloth masks with African prints made in an ethical and sustainable way

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The Mafric masks have two layers of cotton.

The outer part is made using waxprint fabrics with patterns recalling the African continent, while the inner part is in egg skin, with a pocket for the two layers, to be able to insert the filter in non-woven fabric.

The elastic is passing through, which provides the possibility of replacement without damaging the mask.

Material: 100% cotton

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Stay safe with Mask Filters by Mafric.

It all begins in 2018 in Livingstone, the pearl city of Africa, on the side of the Victoria Falls, when Giovanni's experience of Voluntary Civil Service is coming to an end. At the end of a long year lived in close contact with local artisans, Giovanni feels the need to treasure the atmosphere and colors of this slice of Africa that has now entered his heart.

So he decides to bring home a testimony of that very rich culture; there are many things he could have brought with him, but in the end he chooses the most fascinating ones: the Wax fabrics.

"When it's time to go home, I board the plane with nothing but two boxes of original wax fabrics purchased from Joseph's local shop. I'm ready to give life to my dream ”- says Giovanni.

The project is based on two key principles: interculturality and sustainable fashion.

Mafric - ModaAfriCraft- arises from the need to create a meeting place between two cultures, Italian and African, all 'appearance so distant, but in reality united by the great passion for fashion.

The precious African fabrics are rethought with a modern gaze aimed at young people walking around European cities, and reworked in search of a synthesis between the expressive charge of African colors and the elegance of Italian style. Each garment has the goal of being the final result of a sustainable production chain, capable of generating value and having a strong social impact.

This is how the collaboration with the Sartoria Sociale SunnCoop was born, an all-female cooperative in the Milan suburbs, which offers redemption prospects to female mothers, foreigners and without the possibility of working in the area. From that initial collaboration, others were born, with other associations and cooperatives, with the creation, thus, of a territorial network that combines valid productivity with human and social sustainability.

The dream that was born in Giovanni among the market stalls in Zambia has now become, among the catwalks of the fashion capital Milan, the dream of a better life for dozens of women and families.

WHATaECO has chosen Mafric because Giovanni, a citizen of the world moved by a spirit of adventure and solidarity, by carrying out his project has allowed many families to start dreaming.

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