Black Mask in washable cotton

Washable cotton masks with adjustable elastics, sizes available for adults and children

  • Adult
  • Child
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Cloth mask washable for adults and children.

Size adult 13cm.

Size child 10cm.

Adjustable and easy to change elastic bands.

Machine wash at 40 ° C without bleaching.

Preparation time: 3 working days.


Litzy Lulu was born from the idea and desire for independence of a mother, Elisabetta.

Due to work, Elisabetta spent many hours in the office, and returning home I was overloaded with chores without being able to dedicate precious time to my children. With the birth of her second child she decides to make a change in her life, and look for a job that would allow her to stay at home more time. Finding nothing, he makes a courageous choice: to give life to his creativity.

Initially almost like a game that quickly became a real job.

And this is how Litzy Lulu was born, hoping to make others happy through handmade thoughts for unique and special events.

Elisabetta is also a beekeeper from the splendid land of Lunigiana (Tuscany), where, in addition to bees, she takes care of the olive grove, organically and in complete respect for nature. For this reason it has started to expand its catalog and to create natural products for body care such as creams based on beeswax, vegetable oils (mostly olive oil) and essential oils (many of which are of its own production: rosemary, sage, lavender, bay leaf).

WHATaECO has chosen Litzy Lulu because we were impressed by the strength and determination of a woman and a mother looking for a positive change. A courage that shows us that we must never give up in the face of the first difficulties and that nature is always ready to give us a hand if we treat it with respect.

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