castor face oil
sesame and castor
natural face oil
    castor face oil
    sesame and castor
    natural face oil

    100% natural purifying Sesame and Castor face oil

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    • 100% Natural, organic, vegan and plastic free
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    Purifying face oil Sesame and Castor 100% natural


    The sesame and castor oil is specially formulated for a deep cleansing of the face without the use of surfactants, based on the principle of affinity between oils and the skin's sebum . The cleansing oil ritual goes beyond simple cleansing, it is a real beauty treatment that not only purifies the skin but also balances and nourishes it.

    100% Natural, Vegan and Cruelty free . Made with organic ingredients .

    Treatment with cleansing oil is a completely natural way to purify the skin . Adopted consistently, it allows the skin to get rid of impurities and excess sebum. The blend is made by balancing oils with greater antibacterial and anti-inflammatory power, such as castor and sesame, with oils rich in antioxidants and vitamins such as argan and jojoba; firming and sebum regulating oils such as safflower and flax with nourishing and restructuring oils such as avocado and grape seeds. Calendula and sunflower oils complete the synergy with their moisturizing and soothing action.

    The deep cleansing with cleansing oil is suitable for all skin types , in particular the combination or oily ones which, thanks to the principle of "fats that dissolve fat", get rid of excess sebum and impurities.

    Made in Italy .

    Packaging Plastic Free : The packaging is in glass, the labels are in 100% recycled paper. Possibility to choose the bottle with or without aluminum dispenser.

    How to use it

    Cleansing oil is a ritual that requires patience . Being a cleaning treatment, it should not be preceded by cleansing. The oil should be applied to the face and gently massaged for a few minutes with the fingertips. At the end of the treatment, eliminating the excess oil, possibly with a soft towel moistened in hot water, the impurities of the skin are also removed, while the remaining component releases all the benefits of the oils on the face and gives a feeling of softness and hydration . By carrying out this cleansing consistently, once a week , the skin regains its hydrolipidic balance and its natural softness.


    100% Natural, Vegan and Cruelty free. Made with organic ingredients. Nickel Tested.


    50 ml



    Sesame oil

    It is an oil very rich in antioxidants, especially omega 6, omega 9 and vitamin E. Thanks to its chemical composition, it restores tone to the epidermis, protects it from cracking and is able to soothe inflammation or eczema.

    Castor oil

    It has always been known and appreciated for its antibacterial and purifying properties mainly due to the action of ricinoleic acid, of which it is very rich. Due to its affinity with keratin it is also an excellent moisturizer and nourisher for the skin.

    Safflower oil

    It is among the oils richest in linoleic acid-omega 6 and antioxidants. In addition to being soothing and nourishing, it produces a lightening action on dark spots on the skin and benefits scars.

    Grape seed oil

    The oil extracted from grape seeds has a high antioxidant power, suitable, due to its versatility, for all skin types. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory, sebum-balancing, moisturizing and emollient and if massaged on the skin, it promotes capillary microcirculation.

    Jojoba oil

    Jojoba oil has excellent moisturizing and regenerating power, among the most effective due to its high content of vitamins and minerals.

    Linseed oil

    Linseed oil, thanks to the chemical composition of the seeds from which it is extracted, rich in proteins, vitamins and fatty acids, in particular omega 3, is an excellent skin elasticizer, healing and sebum-regulator for impure skin .


    Ricinus Communis Seed Oil *, Vitis Vinifera Seed Oil *, Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil *, Helianthus Annuus Seed Oil *, Calendula Officinalis Extract *, Carthamus Tinctorius, Seed Oil *, Persea Gratissima Oil *, Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil *, Argania Spinosa, Kernel Oil *, Linum Usitatissimum Seed Oil *, Tocopherol. * from organic farming

    Time for realization


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    Therefore there are no synthetic fragrances, dyes or petroleum derivatives, silicones or parabens.

    When identifying its suppliers, Ecophylla always tries to shorten the supply chain and promote km0 . Furthermore, only organic raw materials are chosen: ⁠ in fact, all the oils, butters and extracts present come from organic farming . ⁠Pesticides, insecticides and chemical treatments are harmful to the ecosystem, threatening biodiversity and the natural balance. ⁠

    Choosing organic means first of all respecting the earth, water and the organisms that inhabit them, but it is also being sure that what we use is genuine for us and for our skin. plant-based , do not use materials of animal origin, such as honey or beeswax, and are studied in respect of all living beings, without any type of animal testing .

    But a sustainable cosmetic doesn't stop at the content. The packaging is also developed to have a low impact on the ecosystem. Aware of the enormous damage that plastic is causing to our planet, a plastic free, durable, reusable and easily recyclable packaging has been designed.

    WHATaECO has chosen Ecophylla because has chosen to weigh less on our wonderful Planet, choosing to use only ingredients that nature gives us for respectful and quality products.

    Ecophylla's products are sustainable and the supply chain is guaranteed ethical.

    In addition, the brand pays special attention to extra values, including:


    Plastic - free


    Clean energy


    Social impact
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