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travel size cover
travel size cover

Travel Size Packs | 10ml in aluminum

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Travel size packs of 10 ml, in aluminum pods.

100% Natural, Vegan and Cruelty free. Compounds with organic ingredients. Plastic free packaging.

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  • Q10 face cream and rare oils
  • Camelia and Caffeine face cream
  • Egyptiaca Balanites hand cream
  • Oleum Olivae hand cream
  • Set 4 packs
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Travel Size Packs | 10ml in aluminum


Travel size packs of 10 ml, in aluminum pods.

Ecophylla has chosen to offer the products also in travel size packages . So you can decide which one you prefer before buying the larger package or they can become a perfect gift for someone special!

Of course, the packaging of the mini packs also respects the Ecophylla philosophy. They are made of aluminum, plastic free and, once their contents are exhausted, they are easily reusable .

You can recharge them and take them with you on trips or keep them in your bag to always have your favorite cream available. On the other countless possibilities of reuse just turn on your imagination!

All the oils, butters and extracts used in this cream come from organic farming .

Made in Italy .

Available combinations:

Q10 Face Cream and Rare Oils, Camellia and Caffeine Face Cream, Balanites Aegyptiaca Hand Cream, Oleum Olivae Hand Cream, Set of 4 packs.

Find product descriptions on the respective pages.

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