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It was the Arianna perfume that permeated the air, flooding Theseus' nostrils and preventing him from thinking of anything other than that intense fragrance he had never perceived before. Not even the roar of the Minotaur behind him worried him anymore, his only thought was to find the source of that fragrance.

Theseus then came out of the Labyrinth and found Ariadne, joining her in a unique feeling. Arianna followed him, convinced that she had found the love of her life, but it was not so: the young woman was abandoned on the beaches of the island of Lesbos. Arianna was convinced that she had lost everything, but she did not stop being true to herself by giving off that unique fragrance that she smelled of sweet pink like her skin, with salty tips like her tears, of tropical fruits like the origins of she. That unique perfume caught the attention of Dionysus, who lost his head to Ariadne in such an all-encompassing way as to give her a diadem, still today set among the stars in the constellation of the Corona Borealis .

Ad Astra is the celestial vase like a clear sky that accompanies the senses among the stars, a collection that tells a story, a perfume you will never forget created to narrate all the shades of love.


Scent: Agape (Top notes of iris and geranium, Heart notes of fig leaf, Base notes of amber and birch)

Features: avio blue satin glass vase, with silver-colored band at the base and hand-painted silver-colored Corona Borealis constellation.
Natural soy wax candle with double braided wick.

Wax Weight: 350 g

Pot height: h 10.5 cm

Pot diameter: Ø 9.5 cm

Package dimensions: 20X20Xh20


To clean your AD ASTRA vase from residual wax and use it as you wish, just follow these simple steps:

1- Fill the jar with boiling water, being careful not to burn yourself.

2- The wax will melt, rising to the surface.

3- After 2 hours the water will be cold and the wax will have solidified.

4- Remove the wax.

Then you can wash and dry your vase. You are now ready to reuse your design object as best suits your tastes.

Xène was born from a young couple with a passion for beautiful things and an enthusiasm for manual skills at the service of design. The Brand offers natural hand-cast soy wax candles, embellished with fragrances created by Italian master perfumers.

In the power of ideas, in the courage of dreams, in the value of uniqueness.

Every month new wax tablets and glass candles are designed and manufactured, always using only vegetable soy wax and high quality fragrances. The collections and product lines are always different, and their availability is limited in time. This approach allows the Xène Team to always express new ideas while maintaining the creative drive towards originality, and giving the customer the opportunity to purchase creations that are always unique and different.

The candles are hand cast one by one using only clean and biodegradable soy wax. This wax, in addition to being eco-friendly, guarantees a longer life than paraffin wax and does not release toxic substances into the environment (indoor pollution).

The collections are born directly from the creative flair. For the fragrances Xène collaborates with an important Atelier of award-winning master perfumers. For the creation of personalized vases, however, he turns to a company of artistic glass manufacturing. The combination of these Made in Italy skills gives life to every single Xène creation.

Candles also work as a smoke trap, because all candles absorb smoke when burning if the flame they produce is clean. This happens because the rising column of air caused by the lit candle attracts the carbon particles of the smoke and brings them into contact with the flame, burning them. The quality of the wicks and vegetable wax used in candles guarantees this effect.

Everything that is made is 100% plastic-free . The vases and essence burners are delivered in an elegant black box, also perfect as a gift box. The tablets are contained in an original havana-colored case, which is also ideal to be given as a gift.

For the philosophy behind Xène, it is of fundamental importance that the object created or designed for candles can remain to furnish the home of those who bought it. For this reason, a specific guide has been prepared to assist the customer in cleaning wax residues for each type of vase.

WHATaECO has chosen Xène because is the story of two young people who have decided to create natural soy wax candles with their own hands, embellished with refined fragrances and enclosed in exclusive design objects. Because in the world of XÈNE the things that matter most are the love for nature, the taste for beauty and the desire to always create something unique and unmistakable.

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