Strengthener for eyelashes and eyebrows with castor oil and vitamin E
Strengthener for eyelashes and eyebrows with castor oil and vitamin E
    Strengthener for eyelashes and eyebrows with...
    Strengthener for eyelashes and eyebrows with...

    Strengthener for eyelashes and eyebrows with castor oil and vitamin E

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    Strengthener for eyelashes and eyebrows with castor oil


    Queen's Wood Eyelash and Eyebrow Enhancer is based on castor oil enriched with natural Vitamin E. It is equipped with an applicator for better use. It is useful for stimulating the growth of eyelashes & eyebrows but also for receding hairline. It has strengthening and restructuring properties.


    Eyelashes / Eyebrows: Conditioner to lengthen and strengthen the eyelashes: If you have weak, sparse and short eyelashes or eyebrows that tend to break, apply a small amount of oil with the brush provided every night before going to sleep, as if was a mascara. The next day, wash your face well to remove traces of the conditioner.

    Pack for dry and damaged hair: Apply it on the hair before going to sleep, then wrapping the hair well in a large cotton towel or in cling film. The next day, wash your hair with a mild shampoo.

    Eye make-up remover: Castor oil can also be used as an eye make-up remover. In this way you will combine the anti-wrinkle effect of the eye contour with the restorative effect for the eyelashes. Apply the product with a pad or with your fingers, massaging well. Rinse with water. Then remember to remove any traces of remaining oil with a delicate hydrolate such as the Purple Potion or Green Potion tonic.


    Ricinus communis oil, tocopherol


    Castor oil and vitamin E

    Production time

    Immediate availability

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    Plastic free

    Queen's Wood World is a small world made as an artisan laboratory, synonymous with care and greater attention towards the creation of the product. 100% natural products are created trying to meet all the needs of those who do not want to use chemical ingredients such as preservatives or antioxidants that we now find in every formulation, following the strictest standards of good manufacturing. In fact, the products are created without preservatives with self-preserving methods.

    Love for the environment then leads Queen's Wood to have 100% recyclable packaging and to create cosmetics with ecological and natural ingredients. The inci of the products are short & simple, composed according to the needs of all skin types, from normal, sensitive, mature, oily to dry.

    WHATaECO has chosen Queen's Wood because is a small artisan reality in constant growth that has decided to focus everything on nature and on what it can give us, offering sustainable and quality products that can really satisfy every need.

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    Queen's Wood World

    Piazza Vittoria, 11, 23870 Cernusco Lombardone LC - Italy

    Queen's Wood World's products are sustainable and the supply chain is guaranteed ethical.

    In addition, the brand pays special attention to extra values, including:


    Plastic - free


    Clean energy


    Social impact
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