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nfc business card

Digital, eco-friendly business card NFC + QR | WHATaECO

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You can impress your customers with the business card of the future, without wasting paper unnecessarily. Using QR and NFC technology you can share your contacts in a totally contactless way and without using additional Apps.

2022-01-31 00:00:00
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Take your time to read: this website runs on clean energy. Surfing on WHATaECO does not pollute!

Eco-friendly digital business card with NFC and QR | WHATaECO

Life Time Deal valid until 31/12: 15% off and no subscription fee!


Forget the anxiety of having to reprint paper tickets for a change of company name, address or email. With this sticker you will have access to your digital business card that can be edited at any time.

All you have to do is apply the sticker to the back of your phone and bring it close to the device of whoever wants to receive your contacts. Easy, innovative and ecological: the digital business card is powered by clean energy!


- Sticker

- Chip size: 38mm

- Graphics: WHATaECO logo (b/w)

- Unlimited number of interactions (you can broadcast your professional contacts to as many people as you want)

Extra features:


Ability to download your own QR Code, to be used on other media (offline).

- Downloadable in jpg and svg format and printable on packaging, posters, flyers;

- Embeddable html code on sites and platforms.

Personalized Friendly Short URL (e.g. https://go.businesscardnfc.com/NomeSurname)

Ability to send the business card also via digital channels (online).

Can be shared via Whatsapp, Instagram Bio, Email Signature, Telegram.

Report in real time

You can know:

- number of total interactions (clicks);

- how many times people open your NFC business card;

- number of unique people;

- city where the interaction took place.


Sticker with WHATaECO logo


DO NOT APPLY ON METAL and/or ALUMINUM (for convenience, the NFC Business Card sticker could be attached directly to the mobile phone case but if it is made of metal it cannot transmit information)

Compatible with all NFC devices.

To get a copy of your business card you can buy a clone for only 5€. If you are looking for two stickers with two different contacts click here.

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