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Graduation Party Gift Card

Choosing the right gift for a graduation is never easy, that's why we want to help you! Send the WHATaECO gift card and allow the graduate to choose from over a thousand products of all kind. A unique, unforgettable and, above all, sustainable gift which will last for a lifetime!


Birthday Gift Card

For a special birthday! This time, choose to give more than an object. Gift a beautiful story to tell, a different one, made of sustainability, ethics and passion. Our catalog is wide, which is why this gift card is the perfect present for all ages. From the granny's b-day to the little ones'!


Gift Card Merry Christmas

This Christmas choose to make a unique and original gift, send this card and support the suppliers on WHATaECO. They are all artisans, family-run businesses, start-ups, people who have decided to work in an ethical and sustainable way. Be the change you want to see in the world!