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Graduation Party Gift Card

Choosing the right gift for a graduation is never easy, that's why we want to help you! Send the WHATaECO gift card and allow the graduate to choose from over a thousand products of all kind. A unique, unforgettable and, above all, sustainable gift which will last for a lifetime!


Birthday Gift Card

For a special birthday! This time, choose to give more than an object. Gift a beautiful story to tell, a different one, made of sustainability, ethics and passion. Our catalog is wide, which is why this gift card is the perfect present for all ages. From the granny's b-day to the little ones'!


Merry Christmas Gift Card

This Christmas choose to make a unique and original gift, send this card and support the suppliers on WHATaECO. They are all artisans, family-run businesses, start-ups, people who have decided to work in an ethical and sustainable way. Be the change you want to see in the world!


Newborn Gift Card

Washable nappies? Certified wooden games? Onesie or handmade shoes? It is not easy to choose a gift for a newcomer. This is why we have thought of a gift that will have the certainty of being useful, ethical and sustainable. On this occasion, give a better future.


Valentine's Day Gift Card

Valentine's Day is the Lovers' Day: now in various parts of the world it is habitual, customary and consolidated. But February 14, for the environment, is not a great day of celebration! This year surprise your partner with an ethical and low environmental impact gift, for a NATURAL and... DURABLE love!



Becoming of age ... what a goal! Do you want to make an unexpected gift, which will surely please and which transmits important values? With this gift card you will transmit respect and responsibility through ethical, aesthetically pleasing and useful products! Are you still thinking about it?