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MOOLTY | Plastic-free multi-surface cleaner

Basically sketchy but also very down to earth, MOOLTY is our unlikely Mr. Wolf: he comes, solves and goes, without a trace. Whether it's shelves, tables or floors, he adapts to any situation with gentle firmness, because he knows that you don't need to be aggressive to be effective.

A courteous but firm solver you won't be able to do without.

Without microplastics, biodegradable and not dangerous for water according to the German classification WGK.

> 90% ingredients of natural origin

Upcycling packaging of industrial waste.

Vegan and cruelty free .


- put the 2 tablets in an empty and clean bottle;

- add 750 ml of the mayor's water;

- wait an hour without closing the bottle;

- close and gently shake;

- for surfaces, spray as you like and clean as usual

- for floors, dilute 50 ml in 5 liters of water


sodium citrate; citric acid; sodium carbonate; sodium bicarbonate; 2-propylheptanol, ethoxylated propoxylated; sodium benzoate; PEG-10; sodium C14-16 olefin sulfonate; alcohols, C9-11-ISO, C10-RICH, ethoxylated propoxylated; parfum; colorant.


Single dose

With a single dose of MOOLTY you get 750 ml of product.

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