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sanitary pads 30 cm
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sanitary pads 30 cm

Handmade washable sanitary pad | Day 30cm

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This 30cm long sanitary pad is perfect for normal / poor menstruation during the day.

  • white cotton jersey
  • Black cotton jersey
  • White bamboo jersey
  • White coolmax
  • Black coolmax
  • Denim
  • Rock
  • Cats
  • Flower and butterfly
  • feathers
  • Owls
  • Black
  • Violet
  • Green
  • Red
  • fuchsia
  • Green leafs
  • Hello kitty
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Hand made washable sanitary napkin | Day 30cm


This 30cm long sanitary pad is perfect for heavy menstruation during the day or normal/heavy in the night.

Available in different patterns and fabrics, it is perfect to face menstruation in an ecological and respectful way for our vulva!

Available fabrics

White cotton jersey, black cotton jersey, white bamboo jersey, white coolmax, black coolmax

Patterns available

Green, ivy, owls, black, jeans, rock, flowers and butterflies, cats, red, fuchsia, hello kitty, ocher base flowers, muffins, purple, unicorns.

Time for realization

Immediate availability

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