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Protect Oceans organic cotton shopper

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Shopper Protect Oceans in organic cotton


Design by Soulwaves and HUH Shapes

Protect Oceans shopper in 100% certified organic cotton.

The graphics:

balloons make up 80% of the waste found inside the stomach of marine species, as once released into the air, they go back down and very often end up in the sea. The soft plastic that composes them has 30 times more chances of killing animals than hard plastic like that of bottles.

There are other ways to celebrate special occasions besides releasing these plastics into our environment. In Italy, 80% of plastic waste produced each year is made up of packaging.

This is why, starting with small gestures, such as replacing plastic bags with Soulwaves organic cotton shopper for daily shopping, it is possible to do something to limit the production and dispersion of plastic in the environment. Make a difference too!


100% organic cotton

Time for realization

Immediate availability

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