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solid shampoo r5
solid shampoo r5

Solid energizing shampoo shower | Emollient and invigorating

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Energizing solid shower shampoo | Emollient and invigorating


Emollient and Toning - with avocado oil, illipe butter and green coffee extract

They may seem like simple soaps, in reality the solid products R5 Senses are real shampoos and shower gels, formulated with all the specific active ingredients for cleansing and care of hair and skin in one format free of water and packaging.

R5 shampoos contain 98% natural ingredients . They are free of silicones, microplastics and preservatives.

Thanks to the emollient and regenerating properties of avocado oil and illipe butter, combined with the energizing and toning properties of green coffee extract, it cleanses delicately, leaving an effect of softness and brightness on the body and hair. / p>

Recommended for all hair types.



It is obtained from the unroasted seeds of the Arabica coffee plant, a tropical shrub that grows mainly in Africa, Asia and South America. Compared to roasted coffee, green coffee has a higher concentration of chlorogenic acids which perform an antioxidant, anti-free radical and invigorating action.


Emollient oil rich in antioxidant substances useful for preventing skin aging and restoring shine to the hair. Widely used in cosmetics for its sebum-like, nourishing and regenerating characteristics. Promotes skin renewal and increases skin elasticity and hydration.


Shorea Stenoptera is a large tree that grows in the humid and rainy forests of Borneo. From the cold pressing of the seeds of this plant, illipe butter is obtained, also known as Borneo tallow, capable of carrying out an emollient and nourishing action.


70 g - equivalent to 2 traditional bottles - 60 washes

Fragrance : woody f - gourmande - musky

Dermatologically tested, vegan friendly, not tested on animals, 100% plastic free, zero waste.

100% Made in Italy product.

How to use it

1. Activate the solid shampoo under the water creating the foam.

2. Apply the product to wet hair and massage over all lengths.

3. Store the shampoo in the special container to keep it protected until the next use.


Sodium coco-sulfate, sodium chloride, citric acid, oryza sativa starch, glycerin, shorea stenoptera seed butter, aqua, persea gratissima oil, parfum, betaine, carrageenan, linalool, coffea arabica seed extract, hydroxycitronellal


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