Natural Cotton Netted Bag
netted bag
soap netted bag
natural cotton
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Natural Cotton Netted Bag
netted bag
soap netted bag
natural cotton

Natural Cotton Netted Bag

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Natural Cotton Netted Bag

We know for sure, you too have wondered: what happens when solid products slowly wear out and, after many ultilisations, start to break down, crumble into small pieces and become unusable?

Solid cosmetics is designed to avoid any form of waste, and so it is with great joy that we present to you the most efficient and ecological solution to extend the life of products, optimise their effectiveness, and use them right down to the last bit!

This is a 100% Made in Italy, natural ecological cotton, Oeko-tex certified yarn netting bag, with a very convenient drawstring closure, also in cotton.

A really simple and intuitive accessory, but extraordinarily versatile:

- Increases the foaming yield of cosmetics, thus preventing the consumption of excessive amounts of product and making its use more comfortable

- Provides a pleasant massage effect and gentle exfoliation of the skin

- As it can be hung up, it ensures the aeration and drying of any solid product, without the risk of contamination and annoying halos on contact surfaces

- When products are worn out and in danger of disintegrating into unusable small pieces, it guarantees their complete consumption in comfort

In short, it makes the use of products even more pleasant, bubbly, soft and enjoyable!


Made in Italy.


Natural ecological cotton, Oeko-tex certified yarn netting bag,

Drawstring closure, also in cotton.


The size is really perfect to hold ANY Hoppibolla product, it is really simple and elegant, and the pleasantness of its yarn is a very soft touch experience!

Time Production

Immediate Availability

Female founders
Gluten Free
Made in Italy
Plastic free

The brand's values ​​are based on the natural and eco-conscious choice that is expressed through high quality raw materials, respect for the environment, biodegradable products, cruelty free and ecological and totally plastic free packaging!

To these are added further conceptual and ironic aspects that aim to offer a new sensory, playful and creative experience, with the aim of making GREEN cosmetics something truly captivating and, why not, fun!

MADE IN BO products that celebrate local excellence and their uniqueness: bath bombs, shampoos, soaps, conditioners and solid shower gels that take on the most varied forms, inspired by the trends of the moment, to make the daily routine cool! GREEN CAN BE FUN!

WHATaECO has chosen Hoppibolla because combines the important environmental and protection issues of our planet with a fun, cool and colorful side, bringing more and more people closer to the world of sustainability.

HOPPIBOLLA's products are sustainable and the supply chain is guaranteed ethical.

In addition, the brand pays special attention to extra values, including:


Plastic - free


Clean energy


Social impact
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