Vagabondo Adventure Kit
Adventure kit
vagabondo kit
vagabondo adventure
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Vagabondo Adventure Kit
Adventure kit
vagabondo kit
vagabondo adventure

Vagabondo Adventure Kit

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Vagabondo Adventure Kit

A must-have, versatile, multifunctional product, specially designed and hand-crafted with love for all walkers, cyclists, slow-travellers, globe-trotters, wanderers, adventurers and incurable wanderers by sea and land!

A careful, gentle, and entirely ecological formulation for a true 3-in-1 cleanser, concentrated in just 70g and the minimum of bulk: shower gel, shampoo and solid detergent for clothes! Its recipe, in fact, is designed to act safely, gently and efficiently in total respect of skin and hair, while at the same time being gentle and effective on all types of fabric (even technical), leaving it soft, clean and free of haloes.

It is based on a skilful blend of 100% natural and biodegradable ingredients, making it perfect for all nature adventures, sea crossings, camping, trekking and camp showers!

It contains emollient and soothing rice starch, nourishing and antioxidant Shea butter, surfactants derived from coconut oil and pure Tea Tree essential oil, with disinfectant, healing, defatiguing and antifungal properties, and, as if that weren't enough, a wonderfully green, invigorating and fresh scent: a real energy boost!

This kit also contains two indispensable accessories for every traveller: the aluminium box, which allows the product to be carried safely and lightly, and the specially designed snap hook to hang it easily from the buckles of your rucksack, so that it can dry quietly in the open air at the end of each use, and in anticipation of the next one!

The VagaBOndo can't wait to slip into everyone's backpack and set off on an adventure!


Made in Italy.

How to use

Massage it into wet skin and hair, enjoy its soft lather, invigorate yourself with its balsamic fragrance, and finally rinse.

It is a real energy boost for body and mind!


Scented resins and burning woods of night fires, balmy rustlings of murmuring forests, strewn with ancient presences and woodland deities.

It is the wind, wayfarer and navigator, that supports and propels you in this everlasting yearning for things far away. [INCENSE AND TEA TREE].


Sodium coco sulfate, sodium cocoyl isethionate, cetyl alcohol, oryza sativa starch, cocamidolpropyl betaine, butyrospermum parkii butter, aqua, parfum, melaleuca alternifolialeaf oil, CI77288, hexyl cinnamal, alpha-iso-methylionone.




Diameter 6.5 cm, thickness 2 cm


Our packaging is plastic free and biodegradable.

The wrapping that surrounds the products is compostable bioplastic, certified OK Compost according to EN13432, and is disposable in the waste bin.

The flakes inside the shipped package (in cardboard) are made of maize fibre.

Time Production

Immediate Availability

Female founders
Gluten Free
Made in Italy
Plastic free

The brand's values ​​are based on the natural and eco-conscious choice that is expressed through high quality raw materials, respect for the environment, biodegradable products, cruelty free and ecological and totally plastic free packaging!

To these are added further conceptual and ironic aspects that aim to offer a new sensory, playful and creative experience, with the aim of making GREEN cosmetics something truly captivating and, why not, fun!

MADE IN BO products that celebrate local excellence and their uniqueness: bath bombs, shampoos, soaps, conditioners and solid shower gels that take on the most varied forms, inspired by the trends of the moment, to make the daily routine cool! GREEN CAN BE FUN!

WHATaECO has chosen Hoppibolla because combines the important environmental and protection issues of our planet with a fun, cool and colorful side, bringing more and more people closer to the world of sustainability.

HOPPIBOLLA's products are sustainable and the supply chain is guaranteed ethical.

In addition, the brand pays special attention to extra values, including:


Plastic - free


Clean energy


Social impact
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