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And here is the shower balm which is the icing (the tortellino ) on the cake of our line inspired by the delicious and majestic Emilian gastronomy, imitated (and envied) all over the earth!

A pastry chef didn't do it or even a sfoglina, it comes straight from our laboratory of wonders, and can't wait to esteem himself a bit in your shower or by the tub ... before melting on your wet skin for fill it with fabulous nourishing and regenerating butters and leave you with a sweet and sugary cloud of heavenly scent.

It is overflowing with natural, precious, selected, only the best that the skin could wish for: cocoa butter, shea butter, rice starch, cream of tartar ... a bomb of hydration and care , a greedy ritual, a spa to indulge in the bathroom of your home ... or whoever you want!

Its formulation is so delicate and rich in moisturizing and soothing elements that it can also be used as a facial cleanser : let yourself be amazed, the skin after rinsing is sublime, very smooth, soft, nourished deeply and wonderfully scented.

SPOILER: does not make you fat! (Unless you intend to eat it, which we strongly advise against).


We know, it's so cool you never want to use it ... but you don't know what you're missing! So arm yourself with good will and prepare to dip it under the jet of hot water, whole or divided into two halves for a more ergonomic use. At this point, massage it on wet skin, enjoy the luxury of its rich and silky butters and its soft and enveloping fragrance, and finally rinse! It will leave you with a greedy skin!


Pressed seeds of the sacred Berber tree gone mad with light, magically wrapped in flambé sugar crystals [CARAMELED ARGAN].


etyl alcohol, sodium cocoyl isethionate, theobroma cacao seed butter, butyrospermum parkii butter, cera alba, cocamidolpropyl betaine, oryza sativa starch, sodium bicarbonate, potassium bitartrate, parfum, CI 77491, linallol, geraniol, limonene.


Weight: 150 g

Dimensions: diameter of the base 6.5 cm, height 8 cm

The packaging are plastic free and biodegradable. The casing that wraps the products is compostable bioplastic, OK Compost certified according to the EN13432 standard and is thrown into the wet. The flakes inside the shipped package (in cardboard) are made of corn fiber.

Hoppibolla is a startup founded by two Bolognese sisters with a passion for solid, natural and eco-sustainable cosmetics.

The brand's values ​​are based on the natural and eco-conscious choice that is expressed through high quality raw materials, respect for the environment, biodegradable products, cruelty free and ecological and totally plastic free packaging!

To these are added further conceptual and ironic aspects that aim to offer a new sensory, playful and creative experience, with the aim of making GREEN cosmetics something truly captivating and, why not, fun!

MADE IN BO products that celebrate local excellence and their uniqueness: bath bombs, shampoos, soaps, conditioners and solid shower gels that take on the most varied forms, inspired by the trends of the moment, to make the daily routine cool! GREEN CAN BE FUN!

WHATaECO has chosen Hoppibolla because combines the important environmental and protection issues of our planet with a fun, cool and colorful side, bringing more and more people closer to the world of sustainability.

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