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Knee length, side pockets, elastic with drawstring waist in Merino wool and TENCEL ™ lyocell fibers, woven logo label on the front. Weaving, dyeing, purging, finishing and packaging 100% made in Italy. High definition Jacquard fabric labels, made in Italy.

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Knee-length men's shorts with side pockets.

Available colors: black.

Available sizes: S, M, L, XL. Guide size available in the last picture.

Materials: 50% extrafine merino wool 19.5µ, mulesing-free, GOTS certified organic, 50% TENCEL ™ Active, biodegradable and compostable fiber of botanical origin obtained from wood pulp of certified forests or sustainably managed through a process, awarded by the European Commission, which recycles water and organic solvents for more than 99%. The elastic of our shorts is composed of 91% recycled polyester and 9% virgin elastane. 

Merino wool and the TENCEL ™ fibers ensure a very high quality product, capable of guaranteeing:

  • Thermoregulating action
  • Excellent moisture management
  • Breathability
  • UV protection
  • Odor prevention
  • Quick drying
  • Hypoallergenic fabric

Care: wash at low temperatures (max 30 ° C). Use the wool cycle and specific detergents for wool. Do not use fabric softeners or bleaches. Maximum spin 400rpm. Do not tumble dry. Lay the garment horizontally out of direct sunlight. Iron at low temperatures. Do not dry clean.

Weaving, dyeing, purging, finishing and packaging 100% made in Italy. Internal label in high definition Jacquard fabric, made in Italy.

Choosing CAMCO means sharing the choice of a 100% made in Italy brand, which has always put respect for the environment that surrounds us first. A conscious production that must necessarily start from the raw materials used. Two natural fibers with unique properties have been chosen, capable of guaranteeing freshness on the skin, softness and maximum comfort in every adventure you will experience.

An expanse of white gravel, which marks a crossroads and requires a choice: this is CAMCO , a made in Italy brand that offers an activewear line in extrafine Merino wool and TENCEL ™ lyocell, designed for women and men who love adventure, both in the city and in full contact with nature.

For those who love to get off the track, explore those secondary, somewhat hidden streets that you encounter suddenly, almost by chance. What we will find at the bottom of our "WHITE WALK" (in Italy «CAM-mino bian-CO») does not matter, because what matters is the pleasure of discovery.

In a way, the whole CAMCO story is an off-road race. From an engineering degree to the conception and launch of a sustainable clothing brand, we have definitely gone off track. But CAMCO is also and above all the story of a courageous choice, that of following the instinct, of abandoning what one knows to venture into paths not yet trodden, not yet discovered, to follow one's own "white paths", secondary dirt roads that hide new opportunities.

Like all things we really believe in, CAMCO was born from a personal need that could not find an easy answer: that of combining the made in Italy style with rigorous ethics in production, in an encounter capable of giving life to a product with high quality standards, Italian craftsmanship and maximum attention to the sustainability of production and the raw materials used.

The CAMCO Team has carefully selected each supplier, applying strict quality standards in every production phase, from the choice of the yarn to the creation of the packaging with which each CAMCO product reaches the customer's hands.

Looking to the future meant, for CAMCO, starting from the past. The choice to specialize in the production of sustainable clothing in extrafine Merino wool, in fact, stems from the awareness that, unlike the most modern synthetic materials, industrially produced from non-renewable fossil resources, this raw material guarantees an exceptional ecological balance.

In fact, wool is not only one of the oldest fibers that man has worked with, but it is also the most reusable and recyclable on the planet. It is from here that CAMCO has decided to look to the future, intertwining tradition and innovation, to produce a clothing line capable of making a difference. For this reason it was decided to mix extrafine Merino wool 19.5μ (GOTS certified and mulesing-free), lyocell TENCEL ™, a fiber of botanical origin obtained from wood of trees grown in sustainably managed, certified and controlled forests.

The fleece of sheep grows naturally twice a year, while the wood, from which the fibers of TENCEL ™ derive, is regenerative, which makes this material up to 10 times more ecological than cotton, both as "yield" of the raw material in terms of finished product, and in terms of water requirements for cultivation.

This is why it is possible to say that CAMCO products are made "only" of water, air, sun, wood and grass.

Merino wool is 6 times stronger than cotton, and TENCEL ™ fibers are among the strongest in cellulosic fibers, ensuring lasting quality. Furthermore, free of electrostatic charge, the smooth surface of the TENCEL ™ fibers ensures a soft fit on the body and guarantees important aesthetic qualities, such as a pleasant drape, shine and color brilliance.

Not only that the weaving, dyeing, purging, finishing and packaging of all CAMCO garments are entirely made in Italy, but that everything that bears the brand's signature is also, including every component additional, accessory and packaging. The idea is to produce only the necessary and avoid unnecessary leftovers.

WHATaECO has chosen CAMCO because it is a brand that has decided to have the least possible impact on the environment, thanks to products made to last for a long time and composed only of natural fibers, never mixed with synthetic fibers, to ensure biodegradability and recyclability. CAMCO has decided to take part in the change and make a difference starting from what nature gives us.

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